Goldmoney is in St Andrews, the home of golf

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It was such a pleasure to be a part of @goldmatters competition to spread the word about goldmoney.

When I won a bonus prize of 20SBD I was flabbergasted, I couldn't believe how generous @goldmatters was. So I thought what better way to say thank you than to help the cause and try and spread the word a little more.

On a day trip to St Andrews I managed to capture these, sadly Samuel L Jackson wasn't playing golf yesterday, maybe next time.




Very creatively written in the sand @goldmatters you are literally everywhere in this world

Wow fantastic, hope to see this course once. playing is impossible I think..

It is a golfers paradise. I think you need to be pretty good to play on the old course. If I was playing I am pretty sure I would end up smashing windows or hitting someone on the head with a golf ball.

haha, lol, I don't know if you can just play.. maybe someone from steemit knows..

you guys have been at alot of places, ah that experience is thrilling hey

We do like to take the kids places, especially where me and my wife first met, it is absolutely amazing in my opinion. One of the best places on this planet. X

Its is even more then only "The HOME: :

Thanks for the post, and indeed , GOLD is on !!

Fantastic!!!! Thank you @munchell!

You are more than welcome, it was such a great experience to be a part of your contest.

Indeed GOLDMONEYWASEVERYWHERE. I think my idea from yesterday could be your next contest... photo of golf ball with goldmoney on it...

Great way to get the Goldmoney word out! Good luck with Samuel L. Jackson, that would be great! Did we get any celebrities in the last contest @goldmatters?

I can tell there's a strong community behind goldmoney and yes that contest changed everything for me . Yet @goldmatters rocks. Nice post.

magnificent place by the looks of the pictures
i will follow your account to see how are you doing;) please follow me

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Wow! Amazing addvertisment

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wow what a cool entry this is superb :)

I hope you will get all the things what you want. Just never give up

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