An Unexpected Goldmoney Encounter on the Streets of Toronto

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Hi Friends!

My sister @maryjaney and I got these awesome Goldmoney shirts at the Creators Conference here in Toronto.

We were walking back from dinner (sushi... obviously) and someone stopped us on the street. He was super excited because he had just recently learned about Goldmoney and is planning to start investing with them. He currently has quite a few precious metal investments and loves Goldmoney’s approach.

He asked if we worked for them since we had matching shirts. That led us into an awesome conversation about Steemit and crypto currency investments in general.

Couldn’t wait to share this funny story because I know my friend @goldmatters will be so stoked!

I love having random interactions with strangers. I feel like they’re so unexpected and usually make for a really memorable moment. I’m sure those guys won’t forget the crypto and gold conversation they had with two random girls on the street on a Friday night. :-) there’s something so fun about just staying open to the fun little moments that open up in your day.

We asked if we could take a selfie and these guys were hilarious! I loved their serious poses in the picture.

@maryjaney and I are back at our Airbnb getting ready to head out and then we are off to karaoke with the Steem Creators crew!

Xo, Lea


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Two words for you both:



I love this :) its like two female versions of me walking around .... well that sounded a little weird but you know what I mean! Awesome job!!


I heard about goldmoney from an acquaintance of mine long ago but she made me realize how worthwhile it can be via her video. You ladies are super models.


Fantastic! Check out my blog for more details on Goldmoney


Sure, I will do just that, and watch me click the follow button as well. I can't be following @coruscate and I won't follow the boss himself, lol.


hahaha I got you. This was such a random/fun moment - I knew you'd be stoked to hear about it!

Hahaha - that's awesome! I love random interactions on the street as well, they look like fun guys :D The shirts look great on both of you! <3


Thanks @soyrosa! It was a pretty fun moment!

I really like the shirt. The white with gold lettering is a cool look.

Lol thats so cool @coruscate , I love the Tshirts , can I have one lol!?!? 😂😍
Thanks for sharing!😜❤✌👍


Glad you enjoyed our fun little moment!! I'm not sure how to get a shirt! ( we were in person at the Goldmoney HQ and Goldmoney had a booth at the conference). Just tell em your a steemit celebrity. They'll know what to do. heheh


Hahahha, great answer @coruscate ! 💕👌😂

I have followed gold money for years. Great choice of evening attire!

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Glad you approve! The white shirts with the gold lettering are actually super cute. I'm stoked to wear this shirt more!

That's great to see you all are enjoying the moments there. I am new and learning the plateform and hoping that I will also enjoy these moments in future.

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looking beautiful

Can you give me more details about gold money.


Check it out

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that is a fun and good story. :)

like #111 for good luck!