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The less a writer discusses his work—and himself—the better. The master chef slaughters no chickens in the dining room; the doctor writes prescriptions in Latin; the magician hides his hinges, mirrors, and trapdoors with the utmost care.(Jack Vance)

Goldman Morgan,
the vaultkeeper of Tyrnannoght

  • the collector returns
  • Goldman Morgan takes a cut
  • Goldman Morgan credits to accounts
  • Number of client accounts active : 192
  • Number of npc accounts active : 8
  • Number of zone accounts active : 9

well now, pc fucked itself overnight but didnt fix itself the next one so thats fucked, threw some money in the wishing well but i dont see much happening, so thats fucked too ... this post will count as usual but the numbers will need me to screw the drive and ... i dont see much happening :D <- fake smile

tonight maybe ...

post format will be under reconstruction ... as time, chaos and clarity permits ,

the client numbers are here

the rest of the numbers is here

the bot - samples will be here

  • Goldman Morgan has paid off 35.40% of loans
  • client/player/sponsor/npc/zone accounts are 99.57% secured

- there is room for 0 special deals - authorized commenters yesterday : 1 - valid comments yesterday :0 - last version of text excluding media was at 22.500% of max size for steemchain

Gold is for warriors,
Gold rings for their lady loves;
Paper bills for serfs.

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the manual


v0.2 : the @goldmanmorgan manual

Trying to shorten the post to save rc , so :
The goldmanmorgan how and what , here :

The @goldmanmorgan why , on @tyrnannoght and here :

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hmpf well ... the table have been generated at least ...

the led lights on the mobo are green so its not gonna be the psu ... im too lame & tame atm and slapping myself for wasting that money on steem (i was GONNA, but just some leftover coppers, not the whole fucking budget for the month lol)

well yea ...

yea but it IS a curse, it can smell it ... i got a few bucks leftover for first in a year and the pc breaks and i for some reason spent 8 times , there's no running water now all day and everything

is FUCKED ... put some buckets outside, like the good old days, hoping they will catch the rain heh (well yea ... floors and stuff .. toilets ...and euhm

showers ...)

all in all .. if its the mobo that means mobo PLUS cpu PLUS mem , which i can definitely

not afford anymore this month ... heh i WASNT thinking obviously i just saw today how much i spent (and me lol like woaw SO MUCH STEEM for €25 but heh ...... ) by that time everything was locked and powered (yea otherwise i would have sold it back ofcourse, tcheeezzz....))

but well ... im sure it will pay itself back in about 80 years