Tyrnannoght : link steemit @goldmanmorgan voting account to the local

in goldmanmorgan •  18 days ago


  • Basically works but inactive
  • confirmation codes in reply to recent post here used to link accounts for use on the site
  • if wrecked by steemcleaners these posts can still be used for the mechanics (but id rather they went and took their fascism elsewhere ..) posts dont need much updating anyway unless people register it just needs the latest, the rest would be to prevent clutter or the 1 in a zillion chance the same confirmation code happens (which i dont think is actually very possible and then it would still be per-account ...)
  • f2p is still the notion

w.i.p. ... eta : nAn

ah right, i wasnt gonna mention them anymore ... i actually wasnt until @maahes got raped ...

maybe next time then

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