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In other to keep and save information money and crypto currency developers create a online program called WALLET it's built in different manners and by different programmers, but it has been facing some shortcomings which among them is the nuetoreous hacking of wallets by hackers. People have lost a lot of money and valuables which there have been regrets on there decisions to venture into online security systems. It's was thought to be a breakthrough ,and end to information theft ,crypto currency lost ,office data lost and others but it is disappointing that it's a plus for hackers to get richer. Also with the offline storage were hard drives are stolen destroyed and broken. With these we are on the verge of say our information and data are no more safe.


Here is an answer to the long waited for questions ask by various victim of online security and local security problems Goldilock is a type of storage system, which acts as a cold storage until such time that the user needs access to their funds/data.
When a user needs access to their private data, the physical device storing their information is connected to the internet and the user is given limited time access through non-IP technology with secure authentication layers.

Goldilock is built around the idea that - if it's connected to the internet, it can be hacked. The past few years have seen many hacks in the cryptocurrency industry, proving that statement true.
This is why Goldilock uses a "physical airgap disconnection" method. This means, as the name suggests, that the devices storing sensitive data are physically disconnected from the internet!
These are the main mode of storage in today's world;Centralized - Exchanges, online wallets etc.and Personal Cold Storage - Trezor, Ledger Wallet, Hard drives etc.


Most individuals in the space are familiar with the shortcomings associated with centralized asset storage methods.
The customer of an exchange or an online wallet generally has no idea or power over how their cryptocurrency is stored. The website could have security flaws, exposing all the user funds to hacks. There are a number of examples in recent history, most notably the famous Mt.Gox case.
Centralized storage methods removes control of the private keys to the custodian of the wallet or exchange private keys.

Personal Cold Storage

Personal cold storage offers a vast amount of security benefits over keeping your cryprocurrencies/data online. That being said, there are major issues when it pertains to losing/breaking the physical devices that keep your private information.
Problems with personal cold storage:

  • User must be tech-savvy, not condusive to mass adoption.
  • Devices can be broken/lost, causing detrimental losses.
  • Data is inaccessible without physical device present.


There is a wide array of field where Goldilock technology can be applied.
Goldilock can be used by individuals to store sensitive information, such as cryptocurrencies, or by existing companies and applications where security is a priority.


Digital personal identity data require a high level of security. There are many services that require personal data to register, this can range from KYC to signing up for an insurance policy. Traditionally people handle the documents physically or scan and email the information required. This leaves huge security gaps, as your personal documents are stored online on your email account or on a drive, and are prone to hacks and malicious use.
With Goldilock, users would be granted access to their documents on a per need basis. After the user has finished performing their identity verification, the data goes back offline, inaccessible for anyone to see or access.

Credit Score

Credit scoring companies have also been subject to hacker attacks. Recently, a well known credit score company, Equifax, was attacked with the personal information of millions of users stolen.
Banks could partner with Goldilock, integrating their security layer, making it virtually impossible to hack as the entire database would be offline, only connected for the duration of interaction of data with individual user accounts.


Goldilock can be used to store cryptocurrency in a way that offer the security of cold storage, while maintaining the convenience of an online wallet.
Users will be able to hold their cryptocurrencies with Goldilock, and the information will until such a time that the user requests that data. At the point of request, the data will be temporarily connected to the web and delivered to the user via non-IP trigger mechanism.


People enjoys using there gadgets to type and record data but still finds it difficult for them to keep it perfectly safe Goldilock is a perfect answer info are kept safe without it being tampered with and are fetched when needed. Writers would love it researchers would kill for it and politician and celebrity will crave for it cause it's the best long lasting solution to there data security.

Here are benefits of keeping data offline without doubt it's safer offline:
* Offsite data backup is undoubtedly easier to monitor and destroy than data floating in the cloud.
* Most competitive offsite storage facilities will be able to securely destroy data stored offline on devices such as hard drives, USB drives, CDs/DVDs and media tapes. Data that is online might be stored on a number of different networks and servers. Tracing and then effectively disposing of this information is likely to prove problematic.
* Every business should strive to have a secure and reliable disaster recovery plan in place A deserter recovery plan is vital for business continuity and so it is key that your company creates a plan that works best for you. Offline data management often proves itself to be most effective during times of disaster especially in instances of cyber criminality.
* If your company’s information is lost to a viral attack you can still feel reassured in the knowledge that you have access to backup data offline Data which you can have access to within hours.

A testimonial of a friend involved in Goldilock which was with no regret. He used Goldilock to back up his note after everyday writing he finds out that his note are save and there is no cause to alarm on an of his books unlike previous case were is note disappears cause of virus on his system and carry of hard about which prevents its from being stolen or lost and also its free from hackers and he doesn't get his ideas stolen again all with the help of Goldilock

Goldilockks is a new mode of storage which help to prevent individual companies intotuitoons and others from lists of lost data and file with a safe haven of good storage. It is advisable to switch to Goldilock today's



To get s sumerized video on these article follow link below it will explain more on these topic




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