Goldilock and the future of the security of our information

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Security for the storage of important private data is somewhat safer in the physical world than on the internet, and this is a reality. Today, Internet is a territory not entirely dominated or legally managed, which obviously has negative consequences for all those who want security and not be exposed to the theft of our data.

If you are aware of the world of cryptocurrencies you will know of the large number of hacks that have been and how this resulted in millionaire losses for wallets and exchanges taking them to ruin.

But innovation allows solutions that can eliminate these unnecessary risks once and for all, as Goldilock offers, who understands that if their data is continuously connected to the internet, they can be hacked, which is why Goldilock offers personal cold storage. until the moment you need to access your data, so Goldilock can serve as a wallet and incorruptible private data storage, giving more security than any data storage company can offer.

With Goldilock users are granted access to their data and digital assets by necessity there avoiding data leaks due to unlimited access time.

Goldilock can be used to store cryptocurrencies in a way that offers the security of cold storage, while maintaining the convenience of an online wallet.

Goldilock runs on encrypted security protocols, giving maximum security. Goldilock also allows organizations such as banks, government agencies, health centers, universities etc. keep the data out of the internet until they are necessary for its use.

Goldilock can also be used as storage of cryptocurrency keys, personal files such as photos or videos, remember the leaks of celebrities a few years ago? With Goldilock this would never happen again, all your personal data would be of your own domain and no one would ever have access to it, the internet does not have to be insecure again!

Goldilock model, the private key never leaves the individual node, which means that it can not be stolen or damaged while it is connected.

The Goldilock patented security protocol can be extended to very crucial and practical applications.

We have all heard stories of identity theft, where a person receives a notification for buying something they never bought, or because their personal data was used for operations they never accessed, since all our data is used only safe in all types of institutions, which have a deplorable security against computer attacks leaving our most intimate data vulnerable.

But with Goldilock you can greatly improve the security of banks, credit agencies, any page that requires online registration, credit score database, universities, databases of financial services companies and even police stations. There are no limits to the Goldiblock application as long as it concerns the security of our personal data and any electronic data.

Prior to the advent of Goldilock, users had to choose only between two options: a cold storage that will be secure but expensive and difficult to access; or the hot storage which hackers can steal from. But with Goldilock, its all going to change.

But how does Goldilock's security method work?

Its patented security protocol consists of an individual encrypted node which is only online for fractions of seconds when you require certain information (access to cryptocurrencies, bank data, etc.), which reduces the possibility of hacking your information by% 99,999. personal, since hackers would not have enough time to steal the information, making possible an incredible security for all kinds of tasks that in the future will be safer than ever as voting for the election of governors, choice of laws quickly and from the cell phone and as already said before the protection of all types of personal data with the maximum guarantee.

The Goldilock token

The token of the platform is called LOCK Token and will be used as a payment method for Goldilock services, of which there will be 1 billion tokens to be obtained by users who require Goldilock services.

More info about the token:

The Goldilock team


Apparently there is no better option in the market than Goldilock, due to its efficiency and low cost (not yet fully established but much more economical than any other service), and that only taking into account its cold wallet service, if also we take into account that it will be the best security method to store the vast and delicate amount of files from around the world in the near future, we realize that we are at the beginning of a revolution: who knew what Microsoft was going to be? , or Google, or Facebook or YouTube? Certainly not many, but I can affirm that Goldilock will be a gigantic company and I will definitely invest my money in their tokens, in addition to surely use their services, and what do you plan to do?

For more information see the video and links:

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