What an Art ~ Golden Trees Hour , Tarim River , Kashgar - Xinjiang NorthWestern China - Part 3.7 塔里木河

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What an Art ~ Golden Trees Hour

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Tarim River , Kashgar , Xinjiang NorthWestern China

We are now in Tarim Basin Kashgar , also known as Kashi.
This is one of my favourite photo.
Photo of a lovely couple walking at the foothill.
A single Goldentree at the bottom of the foothill.
A painting an art it is.
The front of the photo rest the natural grass.
It gives that soft cushion for the image and the back ground of the hill ; it gives the distance of per portion.
This is one of my collection of the goldentree images.

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I can see why this is one of your favorite photos. Stunning! It sure does look like a painting.

Wait.. is this a photo or a painting?? It looks so wonderful! The scene seems so dramatic. <3

I love this art work

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