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Its been a long time running, the atmosphere of financial involvement of the common Nigerian has grown from bad to worse especially in this #Buhari led government. During the #2014GeneralElections we hoped that the messiah as come. The expectations of an average Nigerian is very high. From good motorable roads to deflation in the price of commodities to increment of salaries and reduction in the pump prices of petroleum products.
Sooner than we expected, the reverse is wat we get in hope for a better economy
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Our general opinions were #trash-canned.

Some of us didn't realise the level of economic recession going on in the country until it dawned on us that we can't afford some of the things we used to before now.
In the college where I work, the #BoardOfManagement use to give out gifts such as:
√Bags of rice
√Kitchen utencils
And we do #Get-together party to round up the year on a good note with all members of staff.
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Recently, the downtrodden economy threw it weight on the parents of our school such that it became a nightmare to pay migre school fees which they do not have to struggle to pay before the assumption of this regime to power. The volume of students who owe fees is totally dusturbing. This morning, the college administration had no choice than to embark on Operation Stay At Home . This method is only recently initiated to checkmate excess debt owed the school by some parents. This morning, the heavy downpour, defaulting children were excused from academic activities. image[image source](phone gallery)
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The compound was littered with biscuit wraps, used disposable plates and a host of litres.
Thus, as a school we decided to use the powers of #PermanentVotersCards .
The next government should remedy the situation before a revolutions hits the nation.

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