Long and new adventures along the BC Coastline

You might have noticed that I have not been very active on Steemit these past few weeks. This is due to my work, in which I have been away in remote regions along the British Columbia coastline in an area known as the Great Bear Rainforest. It was as amazing as I thought it would be and had the great opportunity to meet some new and incredible people, interact with some awesome wildlife and took a few photos here and there.

This shot really captured the real nature of what 100's of fires ripping through the province of BC can do to the lighting for photographs. It is actually a sunrise through the haze of the smoke, which at times during this day was stinging my eyes and could feel the smoke in my throat - not a great thing.

But sure was a pretty sunrise.

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It really is a beautiful sunrise, incredible photography. Congratulations

Hi, @thomasjmitchell, time without reading. Greetings.

Beautiful photo, the sun looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

It’s magic there...

such a beautiful picture and clear shot.

this photo is art...this photo is...i cannot find the right word in english to describe it.....it's stunning...breathless...this photo will haunt my dreams!!!

This is awesome. I will like to travel like you

Such a beautiful picture, but also sobering to see all the smoke. Great work though, resteemed.

@thomasjmitchell, As it is pleasant to see you again)!!! With return. I too quite recently returned on the platform. The daughter arrived, studies as the physician. Very disturbingly all this for me. But the speech not about it. I as soon as saw your activity, at once understood: Oh, it is that photographer who shoots amazing scenes!! We will look that this time he will show. And pictures really wonderful! This photo is similar to the fairy tale where there lives the good and evil. And tops of trees in the wood, they here in a subject).