Morning path

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is covered with dry eucalyptus leaves and shriveled bark pieces. It smells fresh, like it has been sanitized by nature last night for us to enjoy in the morning. It is very inviting, if only I could get out of bed early enough to enjoy this walk before the day starts!

Morning path-2.jpg

This is my entry for the goldenhourphotography contest. Thank you @juliank for creating and curating the contest:

To participate share any golden hour related photography with the tag #goldenhourphotography. Good luck and have fun!

Image source: photo by @steemulator
Camera: Sony a6000
Location: Australia


Love that golden glow in Australia 💛💛💛 .. the light is so very special here.

I thought about desaturating the photo, so people wouldn't think it's Photoshoped : ) But that's how it is, and in real life it looks even better than my photo! One of many things in this day that I am thankful for.

Absolutely. I know what you mean. The light here is extraordinary. I really missed in when I lived in UK for 5 years. I remember going to Morrocco and the light was like that one arvo in Casablanca. I'm crying and I couldn't figure out why. It was the light and I was homesick!!

Well, you are home now, carpe diem! : )

Yep, and it's lovely, but I miss England too :)

Dangerous path :)

Dangerous only to my laziness, I think : )

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