Sunset Taxi

One of the busiest waterways in Canada is the inner harbour of Victoria. It is one of only two in the world, water based airports with seaplanes flying in and out daily.

Victoria Harbour-1.jpg

Additionally four ferry services dock in the harbour, a car and passenger transport that travels to Port Angels Washington, the Victoria Clipper and V2V, each travelling to Seattle and Vancouver. Lastly there is the little water taxi's or pickle boats as they are affectionally names. These fun little people movers stop at numerous docks all around the harbour. They also take part in a choreographed water ballet set to music each Sunday morning in the summer.

The harbour may not be as vast and large in scale as some around the world but its a busy place with picturesque view.

Thanks for reading and have a great Sunday.


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Someday, I hope to visit Canada; at present, I think it will be in summer of 2019. I sincerely hope that I can visit this harbor also; I would love to see the pickle boat ballet. !!

Wow, beautiful sunset.

Golden Shot... Simply Love

Lovely sight
Amazing work of nature

I loved reading this post , thanks for sharing

Beautiful :-}

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beautiful pic..just love it

Growing up on Long Island Sound in Connecticut, I am familiar with the sound of the seaplane as it sets down on its watery Runway. It's always a sight to see and quite exciting for someone who's not familiar with it.

I had no idea that it was in the running for one of the top spots in the world. I always forget what mild Winters you have, or seemingly so compared to New England.

You have more than a golden sunset, that picture itself is a golden opportunity for so many different tags, which I can see that you're used.

The clowns are absolutely splendorous with their dark moodiness foiled by the sun streaming through. The planes are just an added aha touch and the whole scene just warms my heart.

Weryy nice colour good photo top i upvoted if you like abstract art check me out @chupapic any comment tip idea is welcome have a great day ;)