Soft, Billowing Fire in the Sky Behind Me … Chiang Mai, Thailand – GoldenHour Photography

This glowing goldenhour cloud was floating through the eastern sky, not the western sky. 

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The sunset … in the east

About 30 minutes before the sunset, nothing much was happening in the western sky. The sun was still hanging well above the horizon, surrounded by white clouds in a blue daylight sky. I figured I’d have to wait quite a while to catch any goldenhour photo worthy of the term. 

Soft white and deep blue and flaming orange

While I lingered on the rooftop, I turned towards the east. There, right in front of my eyes, was this massive, billowing cloud of flaming orange. 

All framed by a few black clouds and the deep blue of the late afternoon sky. And with a few soft tufts of white gently wafting from its peak.
Location – Chiang Mai, on Google Maps

This is my entry in @juliank’s GoldenHour Photography contest.
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Wow, a huge one, shot at the right moment I think. Thank you for posting.


Wow, a huge one, shot
At the right moment I think.
Thank you for posting.

                 - johannpiber

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


Aha, so that's a haiku I wrote ;)
Thank you :)


You deserve an upvote, since someone thought what you wrote was a haiku. Oh, and becuz you were kind enough to leave a decent little comment. Glad you like it.


Thank you. Of course I do like your photo - love sunsets and clouds...
Winter Sunset 2017122304.jpg


Wauuu 🌲🌲🌲

amazing click

So many posts from Chiang Mai. The crypto capital in Thailand.

This sky look as innocent photography for professional architect in matured perform

I was just up in Chiang Mai and wish I could have seen one of these :) Next time! Have a great week krup!


Ya, I get plenty of great sunsets here, even without any seaside / maritime influence. This was taken from the rooftop of Maya Mall, up on Nimman Haemin Road.

Catch a sunset next time you're here. Too bad you missed it last time. .... Khrap!!

Wow.....White cloud mixed with light of dipping sun....Really nice to see.


You are most welcome friend

What a cloud - must have been very impressive to see it with your own eyes.


Twas indeed impressive.


I bet it was.

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Beautiful golden hour, thank you for sharing these beautiful landscapes with us. Hugs

nice click.

also pls visit on my post "Wall painting- the Octopussy, hope you like the same

Awesome picture, have a nice day.

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Beautiful sunset.

The sky is shining behind the sun...

Amazing sky 😯😯😯

Amazing pic! Love this sky!

wow Fire in the Sky nice photography !

It’s true Keep it up thanks Vote and Resteem it good post

Very unusual, but beautiful clouds scenery. Stunning colors, @majes.tytyty.

Great¡! It happens when there are not clouds toward the west!
Sunset inversion!😃 East in the West!
Nice experience!
Great picture! Thank you!

In fact, you have dug an undergraduate view in your camera, for that you had to wait a lot.

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Wao very interesting photography,very wonderful place,sunshine looks to good,Thailand is most wonderful country in the world,Very impressive photography,i really like your photography,thanks for sharing,majas.tytyty

Hi, the picture looks awesome, blue sky, white and orange cloud looks really different what i seen in photograph. Probably this kind of a things are very rare, and thanks for sharing.

very nice photo. im on the west coast and i didnt even bother getting the camera out..maybe tomorrow or the moon tonite..

Phenomenal sight sir jiIMG_20180910_125519.png

For the sake of such a beautiful photo you can climb onto the roof.

Simplemente majestuosa!!!

Beautiful Sky Photography ❤️

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Wow! I just uploaded a golden hour photo... hope you like it!...

Congratulation majes.tyryty very nice your. Postflower-3140492__480.jpg


Spectacular photo, taken at the precise moment, thanks for sharing.