Last Day well spent - Haleiwa Beach by drone + Sunset


Hi everyone,

I'm already typing behind my laptop on our way back home from the airport in a dutch train unfortunately. :( The weather here is cloudy, cold, and gray. A lot different than the steady sunny days in Hawaii.

crying :(

Hawaii is definitely a bucket list destination for EVERYONE! We visited Oahu, an island which is not that big but there is so much to see and to do, we will definitely visit it again, as well as the other Islands of Hawaii.

We spend our last day at the North shore Haleiwa beach which is beautiful with rough waves to surf on, close to this beach the Banzai Pipeline can be found with thrilling waves, with an annual competition called the Billabong Pipe Masters but enough about that!

The small town of Haleiwa is also my favorite place to buy presents for your beloved ones or goodies to take back home from yourself. There are also a lot of foodtrucks with delicious foods! Giovanni's Garlic Shrimp plate is very famous and this truck is also ranked top 10 foodtrucks in the US! I liked the Garlic Shrimp plate very much and would recommend it to everyone! You can also buy Mochi Ice

This place is also ideal to go surfing, or go paddle boarding or snorkeling. We first did some shopping and had lunch before we went to the beach. We walked approximately four km and did a test flight with the new drone my boyfriend bought the day before! The DJI Mavic Pro! I included two videos, one of the beginning of Haleiwa beach and one at the end, with the sunset.



















I hope you all liked the photos and drone footage! In case you have any tips or recommendations, PLEASE feel free to share, I would be happy! ^^


Beauty view :D

Great photos! I love Hawaii.. but who doesn't, right?? Aren't those mochi ice cream the best?!

The mochi ice-cream was tasty! I never ate them before but I liked it! These triple chocolate, chocolate coconut, and white chocolate strawberry flavoured.

awesome photography

Thank you!


Looks amazing. Was your boyfriend happy with the results of the drone footage?

Thank you! Yes he was very happy with its first videos! He bought it the day before so it was a little bit difficult to get it to work but after that it was quite easy and nice to see the beautyful results!

lovely place !

I just want to be there :)

Благодаря ти!

Wow @byiriss, its incredible.... i love this photo

Thank you for your kind words!

Wow those pictures are amazing. I've never been to Hawaii. But my parents have. I hope you had an amazing time and will be back soon. Thank you for sharing. Having a -1 degree day today with a cold to boot, I needed a beach break!! Thank You!

Thank you for your kind words! Get well soon, that weather doesn't make it feel better right? :(

Thank you! I will and No this cold weather doesn't help. However I have been known to catch colds even when its 80 outside. (shrugs)... It will be warming up though later this weekend.

OMG! This is SUCH an AMAZING post! Thank you for sharing! I gave you a vote!!

Ahw sweet of you to say! Thank you!

thanks a lot @byiriss for sharing with your great job! The photos are wonderful next time if you invite us we love to come :) so I look forward your next job

Unfortunately I left Hawaii and first have to find some amazing spots for steemit in the Netherlands! But I'm looking forward to planning my next trip already! Thanks!

spectacular photos and video! Hawaii is a great place and excellent for vacation holidays.

Thank you for you kind words and yes, I really loved it!

Thanks for your kind words! ^^

thats an amazing capture of the beauty of nature

Ahw thank you! ^^

It looks so beautiful! Thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed the drone video, so relaxing.

Yeah those waves are really good therapy! In real it's even better!!

Hawaii looks super cool and it sounds great. I ve never really thought much about going there. But you put in my focus :D

Also i was wondering about the drone. are you happy with that?
i am not sure if i should go for the spark or pro...

Yeah Hawaii is such a diverse place with great nature and touristic places as well! It's a visit worth it!

And about the drone, my boyfriend just bought this one and is happy with it so far, but it is difficult to say after such short time of flying with it! The design looks nice and it is not as big as the phantom but bigger than the spark!

Hawaii looks awesome, hopefully you don't get nuked

I happily can tell we survived the attack! 😂
Hawaii is great! Jealous on the people who were born there :(

Oh, very nice pictures. I upvoted your content

Thank you!

These are some brilliant shots specially drone footage's. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for your kind words!

Breathtaking photography and drone footage. Love it!

This look Amazing, your my favorite and thanks for new ide for me!!

Ahw thank you!

Wow congratulations buddy beautiful work and amazing vacation you had which I witnessed from the start. I may want visit my friend there one day.

Thank you for your kind words again! You should definitely visit your friend if you get the chance! Looking forward to all your beautyful stories about the island already !

Wow @byiriss awesome and thank you from deep of my heart for such a beautiful view

Thank you for your kind words!

Welcome Brother

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wow ... that's a good picture! I would like to be there haha ​​.. you should visit our beaches in venezuela .. they are the best ;)

Thank you! Yeah I've been in Venezuela in 2014, and I remember the beach at chiciriviche which was amazing! Would love to go back there once.

It's nice to see those amazing photos of yours. Great skills for photography though. I liked all the photos but the ones I liked most were the sunset photos. It's dramatic and most of all, romantic! :)
You surely had a great time in Hawaii. Sad part is you're going back home now :( I think it's normal for us to feel sadness when we leave the place that is beautiful and we had great times with. It only means one thing, that you really found happiness and home with that place you visited.
Great article. Cheers.

Thank you! I was happy I could take shots of this sunset after three weeks of missing them! We were lucky to see this on our last day!

And yes! The people were soooo kind, and Hawaii is just beautiful!

Love the journey especially the nice spot of shade to sit and enjoy the scenery.

Thank you! Yeah it was a really nice place to sit, almost no people.

Thank you!

amazing looks like you enjoyed while capturing those shots, thats the best thing to see...a person should always love the work he does, then the work becomes more amazing for the viewers it...:)

I guess you treval alot

Amazing!! I would love to go there someday.
For now I´m in mexico and and enjoy the great time on the beach here.
What camera do you use??
I´m still learning How to use my camera to 100% so I hope you´ll share your knowledge.

I think Mexico has also really beautiful beaches! Ive never been there but I would love to visit Mexico one day! I make the shots with the Nikon d5600, my first DSLR camera which I own just a month now... For me it's also still explorimg it's options haha.

Yes thats right. Maybe to many beautiful beaches XD.
I got the Nikon D3300, my first too!

Wow! these photos are awesome, congratulations!

Your pictures are really beautiful. I want to visit Hawaii some day too!

Thank you! Going to Hawaii is worth it!

love Hawaii!! nice work this post blew up! I posted a drone post yesterday and it also blew up :D
Keep up the good work :D

Wow that was so cool photos.

@byiriss nice clicks 😍😍😍 luved them.

Flying a DJI is a pleasure, but I think could be more eating one of those chickens, how delicious! 🍗

Hahaha yeah you are so right! The smell was delicious, I regret that I didn't taste one, but I liked the inventive way of BBQ with an vehicle haha.

Holy shit! What a shame! A year ago the same thing happened to me when I visited the Philippines... in the last few days in the country I thought about trying it, and when I did I regretted not having eaten one every day, from the first day! 😂 😂 😂

Wow amazing photography all the snaps are awesome.... perfect click....thank you for sharing with us.... keep sharing more

Mi sueño es viajar a Hawaii, espero algún día hacerlo realidad. ¡Hermosos paisajes!, saludos desde Venezuela.

Beautiful pictures, really cool! :)

Best regards from Germany

I like those pictures ....

Love it. Want to buy drone gopro karma. Love your photos.!!!

Thank you! Drones are nice, looking forward to you videos and experiences of the go pro karma!

Great images. I'm sorry for you because the weather is bad.

pretty nice shots

Hawaii is on my list! And a drone!

beautiful sunset view

Amazing! Upvote and follow me @sushek94! I post in the blog beautiful photos from his travels

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