California Sunsets #75 ~ Golden Hour Marina Del Rey

in goldenhourphotography •  last year  (edited)

“I never get tired of the blue sky."
~Vincent van Gogh

Marina Del Reyis about 5 miles south of Santa Monica, California, and next to Venice Beach. Its known for being the largest man-made small-boat harbor in North America.

While biking my way down to a Christmas Party, another beautiful Golden Hour sunset with a little twist appeared.


Marina Del Rey Photo Location Click Here

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art is art! ;-)

You should trademark that ! Thank you my friend.

This is a sick photo! Like you photoshopped the moon in. Were you with David A that night? He lives right there, doesn't he?

No mang. David went back to Toronto. I was with the Firestone guys who live on Hurricane. I need to post the Holiday Boat Parade pictures but just don't have time. Crazy evening.

Dude, you should have invited me! That must of been a zoo down there, like July 4th! Post da pics!

It was quite the circus as typically in VB and MDR. We ended up going back to the party then to Baha Cantina... too much drink and foot. I left my bike and uber'd back!

I could sigh and just say "Another beautiful sunset" but there is always something unique about each and every shot you put up.

That little sliver of the moon lights up the entire scene. Physically impossible, yet so true.

Superb shot! I am taking it home with me!

Upped and Steemed


Thank you. I try to capture different ones each time. Sunsets are like snowflakes... no two are the same. Thanks for the Tip :)

My pleasure!

Nice photography @armentor, it is very neat and calming to the nerves to see it.

Thank you my friend. "Calming", well said!

Love that sliver of a moon too!

Ya.. kinda rear seeing that out here. I saw that developing and just had to stop a capture it.

What a puuurrfectly seren sundown, i doo like your twist LOL its juust as a hand painted sliver of the moon, a great picture to start a great evening party :D Hope you hade fun :D

Thanks. We rarely have a chance like that to have both the sunset and moon chilling out together! The party was fun ;)

♡ 🐲ℒℴve 🐉♡ na them 2 seems to never play in the same playfeald ;) they sure should by the looks of it lol
Happy to hear you hade fun & you desirved that :D

Looking so lovely, like burning sky Plus blue sky..two in one so nice??

Well said. Thank you man!

You are welcome!!

Mind blowing view of golden and blue combination

Thank you... it was a surreal sunset!

Perfect time of the day and evening meeting wonderful : )

Thank you!

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thank you.

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Very cool!