Mallory Hammond and the Astral Lodge

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When it comes to designing Story Universes, I tend to get in the weeds on certain points of background. Take for example my character Special Agent Mallory Hammond and the revelations that she is an initiate of an unnamed occult order. The order is now named and "exists" in both universes as well. The order isn't located in a physical lodge. It is a website and a collection of training pamphlets that anyone can pick up and begin practicing. I'm using the example of the sinister and evil Order of Nine Angles as the distribution model of the INOAA. O9A is completely decentralized and cellular. Anyone who downloads the complete documents and trainings of the order technically become a part of the body when they begin to practice what O9A preaches. INOAA adopts the same organizational philosophy. It does not adopt the extreme Satanism of the O9A. INOAA is a Rosicrucian Templar Order and operates from the Middle Pillar, not the Left or the Right.

The initials INOAA are representative of the Lodge's Latin name: Inconditus Novus Ordo Aurora Aurea (Stella Noxiae). In plain English: NUOGD, New Unorganized Order of the Golden Dawn (Star Lodge).

Notice there are not 3 dots in the shape of a pyramid in between each letter of the order's abbreviation. Dots in that configuration means secret. INOAA isn't secret at all. It's open source.

INOAA is New Aeon in that the Order is individualistic, decentralized, no leadership, cellular, and completely open source. It is not Thelemic. Again, the Order is Rosicrucian Templar. The Order acknowledges that Crowley is right about humanity being in a new phase of development. The Order characterizes this new age as the Aeon of the Sovereign Individual. The highest virtue for this age is the complete reliance upon Self. The model of initiation for this new age is pure Self-Initiation. The leadership/rulership/priesthood system is fired.

This new age, when fully manifest, means the end of government/corporate/ecclesiastical hierarchies. The individual will reign supreme in a society built upon voluntary associations. Individual confederations, if you will.

Where Crowley claims Horus is ruling this New Aeon, INOAA deems that the Roman goddess Libertas reigns over this transition, this leap across the chasm between slave and sovereign, from domesticated primate to full-blown humanhood.

This is my design for the Order that Mallory Hammond is a neophyte of.

Knowing all this about my "fictional" Order isn't enough. I need the complete course of training for the Outer Order. And I need to put myself through its curriculum as well so that I know what Mallory might be experiencing. You can't really write about something if you're not doing it for real.

So that's the next step. Write up each Lesson in this course that takes a person from the Student Year to the final Portal work before preparing for the Inner Order. I'm inviting anyone with a genuine knowledge of the Golden Dawn and Rosicrucian systems to participate in the beta testing of the lessons.

The Order, in this universe and the one next door, resides on the Web here:

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