My entry to Goldencenser Challenge No. 30

Message received from Golden Censer:

Deuteronomy 33:25 Iron and bronze will be your bolts,
And as your days will be your strength.

Reflection message for Golden Censer:

In this chapter of Deuteronomy 33 Moses blesses the twelve tribes of Israel. The blessing of Asher begins from verse 24, and consists in the protection of God for Asher, he could live confident and secure in that regard when he says Iron and Bronze will be your bolts, no one can touch or destroy them.

God would be his refuge and God Himself would be responsible for driving away the enemy so that Asher inhabits peace and total security, because around him there will be no one to oppose him or become his enemy.

God is the shield and the sword that gives protection and security to the tribe of Asher to inhabit the earth.

In the same way as God blessed Asher in those days, today we the children of God have the same blessing of living in the security and protection that our Lord and God gives us, sometimes situations around us scare us and we feel insecure but today God reminds us of this word of blessing, to tell us to take courage and make our word ours.

There is no reason to fear, the Lord is the protection in our room, the one that fortifies the locks of our doors, the one that surrounds us as with a shield and the one that gives us peace everywhere, so that there is no enemy not bad to fear.

Praise God and bless his word.

Image taken from the @maxdevalue block for the Golden censer challenge

Screenshot_2020-02-09 Bloks io Fastest EOS Block Explorer and Wallet - EOS Cafe HKEOS.png A small mistake in the memo, this transfer test corresponds to the Goldencenser challenge No. 30
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God bless you.

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