My entry to Golden Censer Challenge #24

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Dear brothers and sisters in

Here I am now participating in the Golden Censer Challenge 24th edition. You can review the contest rules in the following link.

Today the Golden Censer has given me as a blessing the words spoken by our Lord Jesus Christ, given in Matthew´s gospel.

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Matthew 4:23 NIV

Jesus went throughout Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, proclaiming the good news of the kingdom, and healing every disease and sickness among the people. [Matthew 4:23 NIV] What are you doing today?

The word tells me:

In the public preaching of our Lord Jesus Christ, he traveled through different towns of Galilee spreading the good news of the Gospel with words of hope, redemption, healing and sanctification directed towards believing people in his words. Today again this preaching accompanies us thanks to the Gospel of Matthew of which the Golden Censer has given me verse 4:23.

Certainly they are words of encouragement since our Lord Jesus Christ healed the sick, rescued the afflicted and today represents a support of blessing for me because with his friendship he has freed me from my faults giving me a new life. My task for Sunday is to bring a word of encouragement to my brothers in the church, pray for sick and needy people and also read and meditate on what is expressed in the Holy Scriptures.

Now ending the year 2019, I thank Brother Max for his dedication in maintaining this blessing tool as is the weekly Golden Censer Contest that allows us to know and share the word among the brothers.

Wishing you have a blessed beginning of 2020 in the name of Jesus Christ Our Lord.



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I received for my participation in the Golden Censer 's contest 23th edition: 18.75 SQRL, 6.25 HEART and 6.25 TELOS, sent from the account of Brother Max to whom I thank his management.

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Grateful for the opportunity that brother @maxdevalue gives me to participate, the support of the priest @uyobong and the curatorship of @sniffnscurry. Also supported by @steemchurch and subsidiaries.

Information about Telos Blockchain and Golden Censer

As part of the daily promotion of #steemchurch, the parishioner has the help of the Golden Censer who in addition to providing Hearts nourishes the believer with a verse from the Bible.

So with the support of the Holy Spirit the believer meditates and prays with the blessings given daily by the Golden Censer. In order to receive this blessing, you must have a Telos account and an account with the extension .jc, which must be previously authorized by Steemchurch.

Telos allows you to create a free account and makes available an official Sqrl wallet. However, you can purchase a free Telos account through the @Steemchurch form with suffix .jc, who assign you, among other things, the cpu and net necessary for the operation.

If you want to know more details, we invite you to read the blog written by the Telos Foundation in the following link:

I am proudly a #Steemchurch member.


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God bless you abundantly.


Ahh! 😃😃😃
Thanks a million times brother, I’m always happy reading your write-ups.

The proclamation of the gospel of Christ is the power of God unto salvation!

Thanks for participating and have a great year 2020.

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