Golden frog story

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The question is, what is the world's poisonous (poisonous intensity) creature?

Everyone may say the names of different snakes. But the most poisonous creature in the world is a beautiful, golden-looking frog. Whose name is Toxic Golden Dye Frog or Golden Poison Dart Frog Scientific Name Phyllobates terribilis
It is a type of amphibian species of Dendrobatidae and living in the rain forest of Colombia.

This bite poison is so intense that one milligram is enough to kill ten thousand (10,000) rats or twenty 20 adult people or two elephants. And 15 thousand people (15,000) people will be killed by gum poisoning.
The indigenous people used to harbor this frog using poisoned arrow. So it has been named as arrow fiance or dart frog
It is astonishing, however, that the frog does not produce this poison itself, but due to eating different poisonous insects in nature and being emptied with skin glands, the poison is stored on its skin.
Although poison is so fatal, these frogs do not use other animals in hunting but rather use self defense.
The bright golden color of his body informs the enemy that do not come to me, but I'm poisonous.
In their adult age, there is no poison in their body and the color of the body is not bright golden. Likewise, if they keep them in captivity and keep away from the normal diet of nature, poison is not made in the body.
They live together in social life and wild life. They also play a very important role in caring for the children. Taking eggs in very safe hidden places, carrying unprotected adult larvae on the back and collecting food and feeding and raising them.Golden_Poison_dart_frog_Phyllobates_terribilis.jpg

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Cute cute frog 😃