When The Economy Collapses The Fed Will Be Taken Over:Lynette Zang

in #gold4 years ago (edited)

Lynette has worked in commercial banking until 1986, Lynette then shifted to investment banking with Shearson Lehman Brothers and became a stock broker. Lynettes focus was on the government bond market, learning the nuances of debt and interest rate moves on bond maturities. In that capacity, Lynette stumbled across non-dollar denominated bonds and added the currency dimension. This led to the discovery of currency life cycle patterns and a deep understanding of the impact of those life cycles on all socioeconomic levels and asset classes.

Website: https://www.itmtrading.com


Very Good Thanks.

Thank you for having Lynette on 🙏 she is one of my favorite voices on the subject . Great show 👏 👍 wish we had better news , but maybe the central banks crashing will be the end of them . 🤞

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