As the rally in Gold and Silver continues, year end targets set at: Gold = +$2,000oz and Silver = +$27.00oz.

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#Gold and #Silver - Bull Market for Precious.!!


#Gold and #Silver - Bull Market

As the rally in #Gold and #Silver continues, year end targets set at....

#Gold = +$2,000oz.

#Silver = +$27.00oz.

#debt #derivatives #ghostcrash #crisis #crash #RECESSION







#debt #derivatives #ghostcrash #crisis #crash #RECESSION

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The problem with gold is that there is no market price discovery at all

  • supply side, the actual amount of gold held in vaults is way more than what is considered, "all the worlds gold".
  • demand side, there are sooooo many paper sales of gold, that it is believed there is 100 paper per 1 physical. And, i am betting its 0 physical.

So, although we are probably at the beginning of a real gold bear run, i see it hampered on all fronts.

Silver is the much better bet, as it will become so precious that it will be considered a national security level commodity. But, when will these new uses of silver be released to the public?

Hold gold and silver for the long term.

Gold and US dollar rising together.