Gold, Silver Prices Sharply Down Amid Bearish Outside Markets

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Frustrating for the gold and silver market bulls is the fact their metals are getting no benefit from safe-haven demand amid the keener uncertainty in the world marketplace.

Good article on a sad subject to me. I've been a bull on gold and silver for longer then I care to admit, and this latest price action is discouraging to say the least. Silver at $15 again makes me want to throw in the towel on this investment idea. I used to buy silver on all the dips, not anymore, crypto might have taken the last bit of life from these metals. Young people may never preserve wealth in these historical forms of money. These 'low' prices (or lower) may be the new normal. Sad!

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Gold at $1194 right now, wow :(

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Probably so, I'm selling common stocks now....

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I have a few of those too, probably should cut bait there too...

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I'm going to hold you to this bull run in the fall, lol. Let's revisit this, I won't forget. :)

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I think there will still be a least one final hurrah for Gold & Silver. However, if cryptos (Bitcoin, in particular) continue to grow in terms of infrastructure (custody, financial instruments) and mindshare, I believe it's bearish for G&S in the long run. Nothing is written in stone.

We live in interesting times.

I agree. Gold and silver better make a more before all the old timers like me die off, lol

The gold price should visit the $1000 level before the bulls return. I remember purchasing gold at the $200 level and thinking it was to high.

Thank You for this awesome information. We should see a rise in crypto, gold, and silver over the next 30 days.

I remember the $200 dollar level too, but that was like 20 years ago, I could have made more investing in stocks instead...
I hope you're right about the next 30 days
I'm following you now, so lets revisit this topic as time goes on. Cheers

Good article .Thanks for sharing .

You're very welcome

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