Something off about this current Silver and Gold Price Smashdown

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Silver and gold prices are getting smashed down yet again in the face of even lower Commercial short positions on the latest Commitment of Traders report. Plus there is a higher volume of commercial longs on the same report that usually indicate prices are starting to head up again

Something is going on.

I don't know what it is. But I know it feels shady.

All of this is happening during Canada Day and the 4th of July no less when everyone is usually pre-occupied.
If I were to take an educated guess as to what's happening, this is it.

Someone is getting ready to make a huge coordinated physical precious metals purchase.
Whistle blower Andrew Maguire's June 10th interview expressed beliefs that a major purchase is happening soon.

Right or wrong I suspect they are getting ready to cushion a coming uptick in gold and silver prices from this supposed physical gold purchase.

At this point the price of gold and silver should head up much higher over the near to mid term.
We'll see if that's true or just wild speculation.
Plus we don't know what we don't know.

Here is where you can find the information on Andrew Maguire's interview.

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yeah fingers crossed!!! ;;;))

The paper contract and fractional reserve lending is out of control. You shouldn't be able to trade/lend more than you have on hand.

Fingers crossed

Good read mate. Keep stacking, cheers mike