More shady stuff with the price of gold this morning

in gold •  2 years ago  (edited)

Gold Bars - Money Uncensored.jpg

$2B of gold paper contracts got dumped in one minute on the open market dropping the price by $18.

Silver went down for the ride as well.

The commercial side of the Commitment of Traders is much lower than it usually is before they "allegedly" coordinate the take down of gold and silver prices. Something is different.

Whistle blower Andrew Maguire warned on King World News that something huge was coming in the purchasing of precious metal yet he could not say what at the time. He alluded that we would all know in early July. What was interesting about that interview is that some entity was apparently caught re-editing the interview and deleting information that neither King World News or Andrew Maguire sanctioned.

Here is a ZeroHedge article with further details.

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Why would we need gold? We have bitcoin :D