Gold: trying to break out

in gold •  3 months ago 


Gold is at the trend, or major resistance of a very long time.

Eventually it will break to the upside and this should be a very significant break out.

There are many things that could align over the summer.

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Just like Gold, BTC is an alternative to the stock markets and the next year looks very promising for both...

If gold can really blow past $1900 and continue to trend upward, the next price target to beat will be around $2500. Let see if the elites will allow this to happen under their watch.

Been stuck in a range so to speak for quite some time, will be nice to see a break, higher or lower.

Yes YEars even!


With the Central Banks looking to be willing to ease policy, inflation may very well pick up and take Gold for a ride!

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That's will be awesome ... interesting to see silver and bitcoin chart as well both going hand in hand