GLD not looking so hot right now

in gold •  16 days ago

I am about to dump my GLD position.


The next few days will be very critical and if GLD falls below 120 i think it won't be looking so good.

Interesting is that the short term downtrend seem to have been confirmed be the rapid fall that happened last Friday.

So watching this closely this week.





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Though am not very informed about GLD markets, I hope its following the fall of other cryptos, just like #steem. Or could it be linked to the USD?

I love what you do with @Steem-bounty and am glad to vote for your witness just now.I see creativity. Thanks to @Crypto.piotr for bringing me here!


Thank you for the support!


I would even thank you more. Your time and resources put into this @Steem-bunty project is amazing. Thanks for helping to buidl STEEM

I don't really know much about the GLD as I'm a beginner in the crypto world but I remember I met you on twitter and you've been so kind and I just want to say thank you @knircky, and I just joined steem bounty vote club, great work you doing here on steem and also I voted for steem bounty witness. Thanks once more!

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Thx this means a lot!

Dumping here wouldn't be that smart though. It will be volatile during the next few days but there is limited downside from here... We will close our short today with +300% gains! Btw, 120 GLD is indeed crucial.



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I'm not sure it was on one of your post, but comment that GLD must have a retirement that it's good for the long term but in the short we should be careful

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Gold will be very bullish if 120 holds


Yes sir!!!

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I can't see what sort of time range you're looking at, but I wouldn't go selling the gold anytime soon. Sounds like people are expecting a slowing of economies 3rd quarter this year and when the markets start to dump again I'm assuming we will see an uptick in Gold price.

im goint to use your ponit of view @knircky i'm really glad on you.

Wow, I hope to be part of all these I hear about @Steem-bounty. Meanwhile, I think you deserve my witness vote.

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