Are Gold, Silver and Cryptos going to MOON after May 14, 2018? What event will cause the Bull Run?

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I keep hearing from multiple sources that "an event" will happen on May 14th.  This event one source has said will trigger the beggining of 5 Trillion dollars flowing into the crypto currency market by the end of 2018.

Another source has stated that Gold and Silver manipulation will cease around May 14th 2018 starting the beginning of a never before seen bull run in the Gold markets.

And yet another interesting fact is that May 14th is Israels 70th Aniversary.  

Finally apparently the United States Embassy in Jerusalem is scheduled to open on May 14, 2018 in honor of the establishment of the Jewish State on May 14, 1948.

Now with that being said.  May 14th may come and go with no fanfair and no special events...  But, as we near that date we are seeing a major escallation in the war in Syria that could lead to a direct conflict with Russia.    We are also seeing major volatility in the crypto and gold/silver markets.   

What kind of "event" could trigger a rush into cryptocurrencies, AND gold/silver?  

- One possibility is a financial collapse/turmoil or a fiat currency crisis.

We have seen the result of fiat currency losing its value and falling on its face.  I won't go into the details but Argentina went through it, France, Zimbabwe, Germany post WWI, and now Venezuela.  There are many other examples because in the fact is that there has never been a fiat currency that has stood the test of time.  Most fiats last an average of 27 years.  There are a few that have lasted longer - the longest (arguably NOT a fiat currency) for most of its life is the Brittish Pound Sterling.  It has lasted 317 years but was originally worth 12 oz. of Silver making it not fiat.  The USD decoupled from the gold standard in 1971.

If our US Dollar began to decline rapidly due to sovereign debt crisis, default from foreign nations, bond market crisis, derivative meltdown, or one of many other possible causes, I know that I would flee into either Gold, Silver or Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin in an attempt to "protect" some of the wealth I have saved.

If a 9/11 type senario hit the United States that also could cause a massive shift into "safer" assets.  We saw this after the attack on 9/11.  Gold spiked up massively.  We didn't have bitcoin back then, but I would bet that people would have fled into bitcoin as well.

So May 14th, 2018 will there be a financial "event?"  

Or could it be the other possibility... War?

Yesterday Netanyahu laid out a case for Iran lying to all of us and therefore....What?  He never really made it clear what he meant to do about it.   I don't like the implications of this national address.  It seems as if the point of this talk was to convince the world that the US and Israel needed to take out Iran.  Of course he did not come out and say that, but the implication is clear at least to me.  Apparently having a library saving the hard learned  information on nuclear weapons is as bad as having the nukes themselves.  In fact, these documents were so well guarded that Israel was able to steal them and smuggle them out of the country apparently without anyone noticing - yes a little sarcasm.

What worries me is the attack on the Syrian military base that held Iranian forces.  Some say this was a tactical nuke, others just one massive, massive bomb.  This seems like a direct escalation.  

The national address Netanyahu gave was either meant to explain to the world why Israel hit the Iranians in Syria, or was meant as a preemptive strike on public opinion, possibly to sway public opinion for the future war.  

Will that war start in earnest on May 14, 2018?  We can only speculate.  But I am very concerned that Russia withdrew its de-escalation forces from Syria.  They have stated that they will retaliate after this latest attack.   Having direct conflict with Russia doesn't seem like a very good idea for the US or Israel, but I guess we will see. 

So could war be a possible reason for Gold, Silver and Crypto's to begin a massive bull run?  War seems to be the time when paper money is not as trusted as good old Gold and Silver.  There is a historical spike in price during wars/conflicts and times of economic uncertainty.  

Will anything happen at all? 

Leave your comment below and your bitcoin public address whoever makes the correct answer (or closest guess) will receive $25 in bitcoin on May 17, 2018.


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