Gold, Silver, Crypto Currency, Economic Collapse - Who Do I Follow... And who really cares?

in gold •  11 months ago

If you're really bored... I guess that's why you've ended up here - sorry 'bout that!

Without further ado, here are some great, or interesting or otherwise entertaining sites I admit to having visited lately...

Steve St. Angelo (SRS Rocco Report / Energy, Economy)

Chris Martenson's Peak Prosperity

Dave at the X22 Report (Economy and Politics)

JSNIP4 (YouTube -Financial Collapse, Cryptos, News)

Mike Malone (GoldSilver, News, Bullion Dealer)

One Take Wonder Man - Crypto Upate (Updert) "What's Good Party People!"
(Or search Youtube for "one take wonder man")

Jeff Berwick - The Dollar Vigilante (Cryptos, money, life)

I know I'm probably forgetting to add a few. Maybe and Edit later will be done!

NOTE: I would have added ZeroHedge and Drudge, but THEY PISSED ME OFF WITH THEIR effin ADS.... ZeroHedge would automatically play videos with sound and shit, and Drudge refreshes his page while you're reading it, I guess so he can multiply pay-per-impression ads or something like that. COME ON GUYS, GIVE US A CLEAN SITE WITHOUT ALL THE CRAP!!!

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adblocker work great for zero edge.