Fluid Bed GOLD TRAP Classifier and Mountain Placer GOLD For Steemit.com! Gold Prospecting, River Sluicing for Gold

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Happy New Year friends! In this video we are prospecting for mountain placer gold with a fluid bed sluice classifier, the Green Mountain Gold Trap, and we do recover a little bit of pretty, yellow, natural GOLD! Our channel is focused on nature, all types of outdoor adventures, responsible gold prospecting and mining and developing larger gold mining operations, metal detecting everywhere we can, meteorite hunting, bushcraft and survival topics, wilderness and desert camping and off road travel, treasure hunting in general, and traveling to places for new and interesting adventures all while making family friendly videos about all this fun stuff. Come along for a little getaway with GTAO VLOGS and please add comments, suggestions, and any questions you have in the comment section, Like-upvote our video, and subscribe to our channel and subscribe to Green Mountain Gold Traps channel. Frequent and helpful commenters on our channel and viewers who SHARE our videos will be selected for gifts from GTAO VLOGS as a thanks for your involvement and to share the prospecting for gold experience you see in our videos with our amazing supportive viewers. Hey, the folks at Green Mountain Gold trap are hard working, honorable people, who hand build excellent fluid bed gold traps and they will love to hear from you! Please tell them you saw our video, thanks! We both have small channels and really appreciate any and all support! Thanks very much, Aaron www.gtaovlogs.com


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Thanks for coming along friends, stay well, & happy hunting! Aaron

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This gold classifier should be brought to Venezuela. Here there has been an ecological disaster in the area called Miner Arch. I think it would take a team like yours to avoid so much damage to nature. This video has been a great adventure for me, a big hello @gtaovlogs

Thanks Marcy, you're terrific and I appreciate your feedback! Aaron gtaovlogs.com