Live Gold and Silver Prices Update, Daily Summary, Gold Stocks & More - 15:45 NYT Monday 16th March 2020

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The price of gold on Monday continues to fall as uncertainty surrounding the true global cost of the coronavirus pandemic causes significant volatility. As we know the stock markets took a severe hammering last week and opened at much the same position as they closed on Friday. Last week the markets also saw their biggest ever value wiped off since 1987. That was despite the US Federal Reserve pumping in a $1.5 trillion REPO injection. The fall in price of gold comes as producer prices announce a five year low, but this hasn't managed to offset the downturn.






Gold Price, USD Spot





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The current status of gold holdings and other precious metals denoted by country as at 15:30 HRS NYT Monday 16th March 2020.


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Remember commodities like precious metals are always considered insurance if the stock or currency markets go south. For the last 18 months gold and silver have performed stronger than equities. It's really not a bad idea to consider investing in a little gold or silver. It serves as a great insurance policy, particularly in times like these.



Do you know where I can find one of these? No? Then let me help you with that.


The US Debt clock is one of my favorite sites to show people. They can't believe it when I show them the Metals prices.

Hey @vgholdingsllc thanks for stopping by and yes totally agree, when people are presented with the data compiled by the Us Debt Clock site it helps to give matters a bit of context. Thanks for also realising these posts aren't just about 'posting graphs'.

I personally like charts and markets. Didn't you say you had some coins too? Post a few of those with descriptions. So much changing right now. Are you moving over to Hive or staying over here or both?

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