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24 Karat Gold and Platinum Investment Jewelry™

Menē crafts pure 24 karat gold and platinum jewelry that is transparently sold by gram weight. Through customers may buy jewelry, monitor the value of their collection over time, and sell or exchange their pieces by gram weight at prevailing market prices.​ ​Menē was founded by ​Roy Sebag​ and ​Diana Widmaier Picasso​* with a mission to restore the relationship between jewelry and savings. Menē empowers consumers by marrying innovative technology, timeless design, and pure precious metals to create pieces which endure as a store of value.​ For more information about Menē​, visit:

*She is Pablo Picasso's Granddaughter.

Menē is a online store with 24 karat gold and platinum jewelry. You can buy charms, chains, bands, pendants, rings, bracelets...

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Why is Menē's jewelry better than other jewelry?

When you buy "normal" ring, you don't pay just gold, buy mostly other costs like manufacturing and design. At Menē, you get pure 24 karat gold (or platinum) ring.

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Hi i have signed up from your link and got the 5$ how can i use this 5$ ??

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You can buy something from Mene.

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Thanks for informing, i joined from your link and got 5$ cradits👍


Thanks :)

I buy

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I signed up for this website already some other blog was running a contest about it.Still,if you feel that I can do something for you,then please let me know.