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One of the most valuable assets in the entire world is Gold, the value of this piece of element cannot be overly emphasized. The desire to own and trade Gold is very fathomless considering its monetary value in the market.

It is unimaginable how much people are willing to do and what lengths they are prepared to go just to own and possess this asset. The value of Gold even way before now has been quite astonishing.

Right from the olden times, in carrying out transactions, it has been very convenient for payments, due to its possession of distinct expected qualities, stakeholders in the market understood its worth and since then it has been ideal for transactions.

It is very much granted that diverse changes are inevitable in the market, ranging from prices, qualities and availability of wares, but unlike other exchange methods, Gold is in no way influenced especially by unsteadiness of market prices. Its value remains constant in the face of volatility and its rate solidly unbeatable.

However, it is undeniable how scarce Gold has become in the world and it is quite alarming. This is probably as a result of low usage by individuals.

Of course, it is very understandable that there are complexities involved when attempting to either trade, purchase or even to store Gold up for the future. It is not an easy task to carry out, and this is probably the reason behind the reluctance of individuals in participating. But since technological developments has almost taking over the globe, it is much easier to handle very complicated tasks conveniently and achieve great results.

An instance of technological advancement is clearer in the blockchain technology, it is confirmed as a much convenient method of transferring data, and without doubts, reliability is guaranteed. Unfortunately, the benefits and potentials are still not discovered and tapped; just a handful of individuals across the globe adopt the method. If one decides to critically examine these two assets (Gold and blockchain technology), their potentialities and strengths, one can discover their limitations respectively.

How about merging these two power houses? What should be expected from a relationship between these two?


In order to cater for the complexities and rigmarole involved in Gold trade, the Digital Gold platform has come to play.

This is made possible through constant utilisation of new technologies like the blockchain, as well as related improved technologies too.

Here, the blockchain technology and Gold market share a common platform while their strengths and potentials are explored and effectively utilised, Thereby leading to a massive adoption of the blockchain technology. Digital Gold patform plays immense role in bringing about this.


The Gold market which which was facing a major collapse will then be revived without much hassles; by terminating the flaws of the Gold market, and replacing them with much better benefits.

All these possibilities are definitely within grasp on this platform via Gold Token.


Descriptively, the Gold Token is an ERC-20 etherum based token with the backing of Gold and could be conveniently utilised for transactions like purchasing gold, sales and storage as well as transfer of Gold.

1 Gold token could be used to purchase 1 gram of 99.99% of Gold. That means that Gold token is considered a stablecoin, as its worth is proportional to the real gold itself.

Just by a little flip of the blockchain technology and Gold market, Digital Gold has definitely utilised the gold token to fully revolutionize and affect how people see gold and it's worth.


Summarily, for the global system and the global economy precisely, Digital gold has taken giant strides to revive the almost obsolete gold into limelight by compeling the world population to utilize the blockchain technology.


To know more about the Digital Gold platform, please visit the links below;


Official Website

Official Twitter

Official Facebook

Official Telegram Group

ANN thread

Username: Chris Barth

Bitcointalk Link:;u=2569032


I hope the team behind this great project can work harder for achieving future realization.

One of its kind though quite okay

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