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Having painstakingly made research, facts have been gathered that gold is one of the indispensable natural minerals that has existed to the surprise of everyone for centuries, and its great worth can't be over-stressed.
Its value keeps growing as the day passes by and its monetary value has made it one of the most valued physical asset on the planet.

Tracing back to the stone ages, gold has served as a medium for trade by barter, used as a medium of exchange as its value cannot be overemphasized. An interesting hallmark of this asset is that it does not depreciate irrespective of economy flux, thus making a high value placed on it.

Sadly, it would be very sad to affirm that this valuable asset is almost going extinct due to the irrational and uncontrolled usage of it. Also, it is quite unfortunate to know that at times it has proven to be quite complicated in carrying out transactions; the know-how of how to store, trade and buy gold has proven to be limited, thereby preventing potential clients from partaking in the trade and also preventing investors from investing in the gold trade.

The fact that the globe is fast developing and the pace at which it is growing can't be overemphasized. It is most apparent in the technology sector. Mind-blowing breakthroughs have been achieved by this sector, one of which is the blockchain technology.

This is the method of exporting data from one source to another conveniently, fast and with its content made confidential. The knowledge and usage of this great tech are however unfortunately known to only a few individuals. Only these few individuals know how the blockchain technology works and its benefits resulting in the low utilization of this great tech, leaving its great potential almost unused. It is without an iota of doubt that except the few who know about the blockchain technology, the rest of the world's population are yet to discover and fully maximize the full potential of this technology.

Thorough inquiry and analysis have shown that both the blockchain and the gold have at some level suffered some amount of limitations.

Now here is the question; Would there be some form of a breakthrough if the blockchain and gold are incorporated??


To solve the issue of complications and irregularities which most times acts as a lid over the purchase and storage of gold, the Digital Gold platform was conceived as a decentralized platform. This was made possible by fully maximizing the usage of new technologies like the blockchain as well as other well-improved ones.

The reason behind the conception of this platform is the linkage of the two great assets (the blockchain industry and the gold market), thereby fully exploring their unique qualities and strengths by merging the different benefits present in the both of them

The presence of this digital gold platform brings about the growth and stability of the blockchain industry globally. Its merge with the Gold market will serve as an instrument to helping the entire population achieve convenience while enjoying the numerous benefits it entails

Not just that, the Gold market which has almost gone extinct before now will be restored to vigor. (All thanks to the Digital Gold platform). This will be an end of the elimination of the various complexities and flaws previously experienced in the Gold market and duly replacing them with great benefits.


The gold token is an ERC-20 etherium based token with the total support of Gold and could serve the purpose of being used to carry out transactions including sales, purchase, and storage of the Gold. These are all possible on the Digital Gold platform, guaranteed with security. A Gold token could be used to purchase 1 gram of 99.99% gold.
This explains that Gold token serves as a stablecoin because its worth is bound with that of gold. Volatility and changes in the market prices do not in any way affect Gold token.

The Gold token serves as a tool used by the Digital Gold platform to create a revolution in the entire globe, affecting positively how Gold and its worth is visualized by individuals by filling the blockchain industry and Gold market a bit.


To round up; Digital Gold if maximally exploited is ready to revitalize the almost extinct Gold back to play and to catapult it to its full potential, thereby compelling the entire human race to invest in it and to enjoy its many benefits. This way, the economy is sure to be improved and securing a promising future for every sector that invests in it.


Do you want to get more information about the Digital Gold platform, please visit the links below;


Official Website

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Username: Chris Barth

Bitcointalk Link:;u=2569032


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