Can Gold & Silver Be Put On The Blockchain?

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Many gold bugs and hard money advocates still see bitcoin as being an enemy of gold when, in fact, it is complementary to gold.

They’ll often point out there is “nothing backing bitcoin” without, for even a second, realizing there is nothing backing gold either.

All value is subjective and in today’s digital age there is real value in being able to digitally transfer value nearly instantly worldwide at the click of a button for very little cost and in a way that no bank, government or other third party can block or steal.

But, with that said, nothing is a more proven store of wealth than gold and silver. And while technically nothing “backs” gold and silver, it is pretty hard to imagine many scenarios where precious metals become worthless.

So, what if the best attributes of precious metals and cryptocurrencies could be merged into one?

Precious metals backing a cryptocurrency? Many have already been launched. And, TDV’s Senior Analyst, Ed Bugos, is just putting together a special report looking at the positives and negatives of each (to make sure you receive this report you can subscribe HERE).

And, just this week, I sat down with anarcho-capitalist Anthem Blanchard, the son of the great, late gold bug James Blanchard III, and CEO of Anthem Gold to discuss the many developments in merging the precious metals with blockchain technology.

It’s a fascinating interview and you can see it here:

As Anthem pontificated, we live in one of the most interesting times in history. Everything is changing. And, those who are ahead of the curve stand to make fortunes as we have, such as 100,000% in bitcoin and 14550% in Ethereum, just to name a few.

We had told our subscribers to take profits just prior to the most recent correction in the cryptocurrencies and soon we’ll be suggesting which precious metals backed cryptocurrencies may be a good place to consider parking some of those funds.

Stick with us here at The Dollar Vigilante and subscribe to our newsletter HERE to get all our information, analysis and advice.

And, if you still haven’t checked out my free 4-video primer on cryptocurrencies, make sure to check that out HERE.

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If you back cryptocurrency with gold you introduce centralized risk, since each bit of physical gold must exist in a single physical location. If you instead back gold tokens on a blockchain with cryptocurrency as collateral like BitShares does with bitGold, you have the ease of use of cryptocurrency with the value of gold.


Makes more sense.


They manipulate Gold/Silver all the time by Suppressing it.


Yeah, but if it is suppressed you can get it for a bargain price.... ;)


That is absolutely true!! It is strange that more people don't realize this.


I welcome the manipulation though. It has kept it on sale for a long time. The manipulation will end though eventually--when it is in the big player's best interests of course. We can still profit from the currently manipulated low prices though!


Slow steady accumulation over here.


it is already in my blockchain , at my wife's neck


The centralized risk in the manipulation of the metals market combined with the speculative risk of cryptos will be interesting to watch. Tokens as a stop-gap may mitigate exposure to some extent, but the endgame in crypto is for crypto to stand on its own with value driven from long-term, consistent gains. Marry that with use-case benefits like fast(er) transactions and inherent security/anonymity and it's a very short walk away from fiat.


Well, it wouldn't need to be in ONE place, you could distribute it to various third party storage facilities but obviously your risk regd. regulation and law enforcement is much larger than holding it physically.

Gold backed crytocurrency. DigixDao??


Hope Mike Maloney and the team at GoldMoney will introduce something like that soon


i own an account at goldmoney but up to now i have never purchase any precious metal from of these days will try and purchase some


that is how the system will be regulated. skyrocketing values.


good stuff

Cryptos and metals do the same thing in mind. Store wealth. If they can be combined, that's a double whammy. Getting two for the price of one. That might such the banking cartels down for good.


If we can find a way to combine them, then we should. Otherwise I think they work great as a solid One - Two punch!!!

Good post Jeff

I think that if we add precious metals to the Blockchain that would seriously start to affect the world condition in a few years and would probably mean some issues with all the crypto.but that's my weak ass Minow seeing of the matter.
Cheers and all the best.

Cryptos being backed by gold!

Thanks Jeff.
I dont see why they cant compliment each other.
I personally love gold silver and crypto , im a little heavy on the metals though.


Yes, I like and own both.

A lot of people saying that “nothing backing bitcoin” but also a lot of people here in Germany saying to me, that this is cashless so we will enslave ourself using Bitcoin. A cashless society is what the elite wants to have...

Most people cannot figure out, that Bitcoin is electronic cash and is very safe and anonymous!

Gold and Silver is the best heaven for storing money but it can stolen from you very easily from corrupt governments. So I hope there will be a nice solution for this in future!

Thank you so much Jeff for sharing your video with us <3


I am sorry but how can Bitcoin be anonymous? Everybody can look at the blockchain, every transaction is visible. If you know who the people behind the addresses are you can check every transaction made.


Sure that's true. You have to mix your cryptos to get anonymous again. For example changing you BTC into Monero or Zcash and than back to a new anonymous BTC wallet. That's the only way to act nearly anonymous with BTC :)


Ok I get your point. Just took a look at Zcash....So much coins out there :-) . The concept of zero-knowledge is indeed something that can help improve the privacy, but anyway if you want to cash out, you have to use your bank-account again.... Sounds like the cat is chasing it's own tail :-D .


You can use it anonymously or better said, "pseudo-aonymously" or how should i call it?Just buy btc without any trace to your accounts or person, use vpn and maybe not your home internet connection (better to use a prepaid sim) for the transaction! Voila!

Nobody is able to connect this transaction(s) to your real person! It is possible to mix them or to buy monero/ dash and sell them again for btc.

But the best thing is: NOBODY and NOTHING is able to block, delete ,steal or freeze your money. It's all in your responsibility, not the banks or state or someone else, it gives us the power back!


Yeah I would say "pseudo-anonymously" is the right word. I am aware about the concepts of hiding your IP-Address and stuff because I am a computer scientist but tell me how are you able to make a really anonymous transaction from Fiat currency to Bitcoin i.e. as it always includes a transaction from you bank-account. I am really new to this whole crypto stuff, so apologize my lack of knowledge.


When people say such things to me, I ask them what government currencies are backed by. For most of them, it is debt or nothing. Perhaps we could say for some it is their military?

Either way though, the currencies being used are not backed by anything valuable anymore either. What currency is still backed by gold? Even the Swiss Franc is no longer backed by gold. All the currencies in use are just worthless, debt backed, 0's and 1's.

I'd much rather have crypto therefore.

I like the idea of precious metal backed crypto, however, it is much better to physically hold your gold and silver. As @troglodactyl said in his comment just a moment ago, backing crypto with gold/silver introduces risk, i.e. 3rd party risk. I've decided to remove as much 3rd party risk from my investments, so I'm investing in physical gold/silver and decentralized cryptos. Gold/silver backed crypto, unfortunately, do not fall into that category.


Thank you agreed.

An interesting question indeed. I would not trust anyone as a custodian of my gold or silver though. Keep it close to my chest.

As they say with Bitcoin, if you do not own the private key it is not yours.

The same goes for gold and silver IMO. If you do not have it in your hands what do you have?

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

What do you have if you DO have it in your hands? Are you going to melt it down and use it in building your own electronics? Are you going to make a plate with it to sanitize your dishes, or are you going to use it as jewelry to inflate your ego and increase your potential of being mugged? Are you going to use hunks of gold to barter with if the economy were to collapse... With bitcoin around there is limited use for Gold, other than the few utility options it may have (though there are better/cheaper alternatives to any of its utility).


"Are you going to use hunks of gold to barter with if the economy were to collapse... " <---- This one. For everything else, there is Steem Dollars! =)


Private vault services are advised for people with large amounts however.

It has already been done. Goldmoney has been around for a long time. And another company Orocrypt has their ICO at the moment. There is probably a lot of other ones too.


I was going to point this out as well, but you beat me to it.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

It would be a complete mess if you back crypto by gold.
This lesson was learnt by the dollar when Bretton-Woods collapsed in 1973.
"The drain on US gold reserves culminated with the London Gold Pool collapse in March 1968.[41] By 1970, the U.S. had seen its gold coverage deteriorate from 55% to 22%. ..."
Exactly the same would happen to crypto at some point and then there would be not enough physical gold to back crypto.
And all of a sudden the Crypto Bretton Woods system would collapse.

I think this would not work.

I think gold and/or silver backed, would give crypto's even more trust! Maybe it would push the limit to the sky :)! And thanks to @dollarvigilante, who brought me on through advertising it on Youtube, thank you Jeff, i really appreciate that!

Hii @dollarvigilante i saw you post and i enjoyed reading it, could you please have a look on my daily analysis for Gold and give me your opinion.

Amazing post and spot on point of view. Thank you again for such a great post.

I agree, bitcoin does not affect gold or silver, and they are not competitors. I believe that it is important to hold 90% in gold and 10% in cryptocurrency. And most importantly, divide majority of that 10% between BTC &ETH, then put the rest in altcoins, such as LTC, STEEM, & DASH.

That being said, ZenGold and OneChain are both digital assets that are backed by gold. Or Digix Global (DigixDao).

Thanks for reading, and guys I will follow your account if you upvote my reply. Thanks again, I post contents and give Steem reward for top voted respondent!


The best advise is to spread your stored labor around as you wrote. I would add other assets as further hedges though. Diversify as much as possible into many different assets, and then rebalance between them to maximize your profits when an opportunity is seen.

Not sure it is possible to put gold and silver in the blockchain. It would either put some centralized control in effect, or gold and silver assets could secretly go missing (maybe replaced by fakes?) and nobody would even know. I think it is better for crypto to be its own value. This is why coins are generated via mining process (proof of work) and so on. The difficulty in obtaining more coins than the ones in existence increase coin values.

crypto is, like gold, out of reach of corrupt central banks and governments. Even if one day some region of the world is declaring the crypto illegal, this would make the change from crypto to Fiat and vice versa more difficult, but the cryptocurrencies will keep circulating and exchanging normally on the internet (or Tor) against services. I´m interested to see what the governments are going to do trying not to loose the control over this huge money exchange.


I'm curious what will happen too. We know they will not go quietly into the night and give up. This is one reason many of us expect a global war. Will they give up their power over credit and currency without a fight? I'll continue to hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

Very interesting, thanks for sharing.

@dollarvigilante Great post. I upvoted and resteemed! Great job by the way with all the fantastic content. It makes for great conversation. As far as whether gold should be on the blockchain... I'm honestly not sure. I think it is still good to have a physical commodity if we all of a sudden put everything on the blockchain then what do we hold that has true intrinsic value? We need something. Gold and silver seem like our best options right now for that.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

What nobody heard of OneGram from dubai? It's new to the game. logo_onegram_no_shadow.png


ZenGold is another one

Xaurum [XAUR] is an ERC20 (Ethereum) token backed by an ever increasing amount of Gold and has been going strong for over a year, It has even passed a compliance review by Bittrex which convinced me to invest a little:
so far it's been a good investment for me, but like with any digital gold it relies on trusting whoever stores the gold to remain compliant and solvent when shit hits the fan. that's why many gold bugs prefer holding physical gold at home.
Bitshares "gold" seems interesting but I don't think you can actually exchange the bitgold for actual gold (it is just an asset , like Tether USD), instead with Xaurum at any point you can exchange the xaurum for physical gold which gets shipped to you worldwide in 1g bars/cards

Although interesting, this introduces a centralized risk. Fortunes will be made by whoever manages to combine the wealth preservation and storage of precious metals with the transaction ability of BTC.

Gold, Silver, Bitcoin or money in general does not have any worth of itself. It only have worth because people give worth to it as a commodity or exchange. All your money on your bank account is already virtual, it does not exist, its all illusion and made out of nothing or thin air. Bitcoin and other virtual crypto-currency's just have more benefits then the old money system that is dominated by the elite! The Rothschild bankers family etc own almost every bank on this planet and their value is estimated 500 trillion dollar!


Both are 0's and 1's, but crypto is not debt backed and isn't under centralized bank control. I'll take crypto any day over government fiat.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I have watched the episode yesterday. What a life Anthem had :D
As I can remember there was already one attempt at bringing gold on the blockchan, the principle was you are buying actual gold cubes and they are located somewhere in a safe, and you can redeem them at any time. But I think it turned to be a a scam or they experienced some problems I can't remember.

Hello sir, have followed you now on steemit and been a few weeks now on youtube. You create such good content and my mind is at ease regarding the cryptoverse because you make a lot of good points and make a lot of sense in general. Thank you and hope you keep at it.

PS I too have taken the Red Pill. Cheers!

I don't really see how you can make a cryptocurrency backed by gold.. it's centralized, goldmoney is fine and all, but you can buy gold/silver with crypto, whatever the buyer wants for it.

I don't see how you can really connect that.
Crypto doesn't need gold or silver and gold and silver don't need crypto.
own both.

I have been a silver and gold bug for a long time, but as soon as I found out about crypto currency I realized that this is the place I want to be. Its is so refreshing to join this roller coaster of a market, and I don't mind, because at lest it's not manipulated


Please keep in mind though that the manipulation is a good thing. It is keeping the prices artificially low so governments and wealthy people can stockpile it more cheaply. You benefit from the manipulation too. True prices of physical metals should be way higher than they are. Consider them a long term investment and a way to carry your wealth into the next system without even having to know what that system will be.


You are right, and this is why i still keep some precious metals, i guess i just have to be more patient and just hold and wait! thanks for your comment

Thanks for the epic articles, just started getting into crypto and your vids got me into steemit.

OneGram is an exciting and interesting concept. Like you said, a gold backed Crypto would be interesting and something that could really challenge the fiat system. I am excited to see if others can or will follow suit. Thanks for your post.

Love your videos too.

Jeff thanks for the great information as always! I have been following the dollar vigilante for a long time and you are the reason I actually started mining!! Thanks for being someone who tells it as it is without all of the stigma involved with a new market. Your knowledge is always greatly appreciated! Come on by and see me @thelastsage


Gold & silver are already on the blockchain.
Its called Goldmoney.
@jeffberwick @dollarvigilante

its a very nice article for young people

Backing Crypto with precisious metals is a great idea. This will strengthen the economy of the world. Thanks Jeff nice posts. Am anarchist myself so keep posting more of this content to help alert the world on enslavement by Globalist and Evil Kabals.


Keep up the good work Jeff. One day we should all get together and have a money fight from all the crypto profit. By then the fiat money will be as worthless as leaves on the ground anyways so you might as well just toss them it that point anyways.

It would be great if there could me a marriage between the two! Thanks for the info as always Jeff!

@dillarvigilante Interesting! Thanks again for supporting me last days;)

LUCY Sitz...........I really like SILVER a lot !!!

I've been thinking about this a lot recently and it seems to me that after The Great Reset, a lot of small countries and even businesses might decide to create their own crypto-currencies fully backed by gold to facilitate trade and restore trust. The currency can expand and contract as the gold deposited increases or decreases.


Anything that isn't backed by debt and isn't controlled by banks would be good. We didn't have our current system for the majority of human history. We can get rid of it and get back to sound money again too. I just don't think they will allow it to happen peacefully. The control of credit has made them filthy rich after all. The great reset as you wrote is their answer perhaps. They will crash the system when they have a new system to replace it in other words. We need to do our best to prevent that from happening.


I think they will manage to cobble together a replacement system, but it won't be the Skynet version that they want - there are far too many forces going in the direction of decentralization and diffusion of control. We are in for a strange new world, and there will be plenty of things worse than they are now and plenty more better. A sort of amplification of both sides of the spectrum.

Standing in line for this ICO :)

i appreciated @dollarvigilante

Super interesting age we all live in, But how do i deal with gold and silver when moving between countries, borders..? Isn't it illegal to carry more than 10k or something?


It used to be face value, so you could move a lot. Now it is actual cash value, so it is limited to 10,000 US Dollars for us folks still stuck in the USA.

This is one of the primary reasons for crypto though. It is the best way to move your wealth across imaginary borders.


The US seems like it's making it illegal for digital currency border crossing above 10k as well... 😨


How would they know?

In fact, at an interesting time we live. Even 5 years ago I would never have believed, if I had been told about virtual money ...


Most government issued fiat in existence today is virtual money. Last I checked for the US Dollar for example, only 3% is actual currency in circulation. 97% is 0's and 1's.

A cryptocurrency backed by Gold or Silver would be awesome though. My only fear for Bitcoin is the response from the powerful governments. If they decide to wipe out cryptocurrencies. They will come after them will all guns blazing, heavy regulation, taxes etc.


I fear this too - but being (near) anonymous and fully de-centralised, they would have quite a job on their hands.

That's a great idea @dollarvigilante. My friend @dawidrams is an expert in ICOs and told me about this new token called WTT. I read their whitepaper and it's the only token backed by something. On this case is output of wattage. Check it out. Definitely worth a look. (the company used to be called mega-watt re: the biggest gpu mining facility in the US.)

So maybe it could work.

Not they are hostile, but I do not think they understand that this is precious and safer than storing gold and silver. Your writing is very interesting, many of the sides you associate with today's development. You are very intelligent.

If it has been made possible..
I hope BTC will be 2nd place on coinmarketcap.
Ha ha :)

Crypto - Medium of exchange. Gold - Physical store of value. Both together = money.
There needs to be some blockchain combined approach that will allow them to work together. I'm not sure that OneGram is the right answer but something will emerge.

Perhaps we could use the gold in the Libyan safes to back it? That would be a massive poke in the eye for Killary!

Gold and silver are not backed by anything because they are true
money. You must know that and writing to us like we are dummies.
Cryto is currency, not money. The world is awash with currency,
when it really needs money not backed by debt. Cryto's are not
backed by debt but by algorithms, something for nothing,
basically. But, they work as a currency.
I would be positioning myself for they next phase of cryto-money.


Gold and silver have a long history of being accepted as money, and they fulfill all the usually accepted requirements for money. Crypto does too though. It just doesn't have the long history behind it. People can make anything they want into money.

The key is that crypto is not backed by debt, and it is also not centrally controlled by banks. Those two reasons alone make it far superior for people to use. The world is in the mess it is in today mostly because of our debt based system. We need to change that, and crypto is helping to change it.

There is 1 bitcoin for more than 200 ounces of mined gold in the world. If they decide to back bitcoin with gold 1 bitcoin would be worth at least $250k at actual prices. It would be a very good idea for all of us! ;-)

both have potential at the same time and this post arrise so many points in my mind the more you post the more you will upvote , n this posts is so good to analyze some aspects of gold and other things , thanks for this write up and your valuable contribution

The future is cryptos backed by all kinds of real assets. And I like cryptos that are tied to something useful. Steemit is the social media crypto, Sia is for cloud storage, but offline assets like farming or small business can be supported more equitably with the blockchain, look out for the new real estate back crypto called brickcoin coming out soon. @dollarvigilante

I love the thought of a gold backed cryptocurrency. Anthem is a pretty cool dude. Thanks for this interview...

I plan to make new crypto which will be backed by something from real life, but still not sure what to use.

Gold is a really bad idea, as other metals as well.

What you all think about $/€ value of some food as egg/beer/bread.. or anything else which most people of the world using?!

even there are lot of things coming people only thinking bitcoin bitcoin and bitcoin. they even forget lot of things are available. gold and silver are for forever.

I've had this idea for a while. Happy to see it get a wider audience.

The problem I have with blockchain-based "currencies" is that they are fiat currencies. Their value exists only in the minds of their believers. Gold and silver value also exists in the minds of their believers, but they have historically been valued by all. So I would much rather think of the blockchain as a triple-entry ledger to keep track of a real commodity, like gold or silver, rather than imagine that those bits have value all by themselves.

I, too, realize that if you don't have the gold, you don't have the gold. But it's still worthwhile to put some of your holdings in the hands of a blockchain-backed storage service, so that you can easily use it for global trade.

Let's keep the gold and silver out of cryptocurrency
I think is safer
What happens when the value of gold goes down?


It won't and can't.


This is a misnomer. No one here should be concerned about the price in fiat for gold or silver. What you should be worried about is what that gold or silver purchases. Over time the purchasing power of gold and silver has been fairly constant. That's what is important. It is also why governments and wealthy people stack it. They know, no matter what happens, it will always purchase roughly the same amount of goods.


So you think is a good idea?


I don't see how they would make it work, and I still don't see how it is a good idea to link them either. Who's going to audit them? How will people know their deposits match their receipts to people? What stops this from becoming the next Comex scam? I don't see easy answers to those questions, but then I'm not an economist. ;-)


Let's see how will play out then
They can do whatever as long as the price of btc goes up

I think.yes ..because lot of people around world trade in gold and silver ...if they add will attract more crowd in crypto and much trustble also ...crypto is future guys

I would love Gold and Silver to be put on blockchain - it would calm some of the mass manipulation of their prices. Both should be about 60% more than they currently are, and the little stash buried in my land seeks more value. Good article.

Yes, blockchain with gold and silver. Why not?

I think its Xaurum thats backed by gold, which is a dope concept, I dont know much about it thou would like to learn more. anyone know anything?

Sounds great Gold Backed Cryptos, whats not to love.@kevinace

Very interesting. I will be getting my Ethereum through mining.

You get and stay wealthy by owning things that maintain their value or provide you a profit from the ownership.

Those things can and should be land, precious metals, and crypto currencies to name only a few. We are not sure which crypto currencies will maintain their value the best however, so there's some risk there.

You should spread out your wealth into many different things. One of those things should be crypto currencies. I own both PM's and crypto, and I don't see that changing any time soon.

My main concern about this idea is that I won't be the one physically holding the gold. Therefore, what stops the people controlling it from turning into the next fractional reserve banking system where their deposits do not match their issued receipts?

What stops them from being the next Comex? Who audits them? How would we be able to trust that we could take delivery?

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I forgot to mention as a 20 year IT professional that his comment about the OSI layers isn't a problem. It is just an agreed upon standard to make sure everything built for networks and the computers on them work once put together.

Yes, crypto works on the application layer, but the layers below it are not a threat. The lower levels have no way of attacking encryption. Some hacks manipulate different levels, but those are hacks against things that are not encrypted.

Took some profits from Ethereum and bought another Monster box

Jeff, take a look at OneGramm. From what I hear, it is the first gold-backed crypto currency.

I love your videos @dollarvigilante, but I'd have to add that while a lot of precious metals holders see cryptocurrencies as a bad thing - its mostly the attitude that I run into that turns me off to their mindset.

Usually when I explain crypto to someone who holds metals, the usual tropes of "can't hold it in your hand", "and EMP will take it out", "the government won't allow it/ is responsible for it / mega conspiracy" come flowing out.

Its hard to work with PM holders when this is the prevailing attitude. While I agree that we're stronger together, it is going to take some time before those involved in PM's will come around.

Thanks for the video, I enjoy your presentations a lot!


Throw ever other fact out, and ask them to carry their wealth across a border. Who's going to do it more easily. You with crypto, or them with metal? Crypto is without a doubt the easiest way to transfer wealth from one tax farm to another.


Without a doubt cryptocurrency is more portable. I just don't understand the outright hostility I get from people holding precious metals. I think each has its own strengths, like Jeff mentioned.


I think you do. I do. They are salty. ;-) PM's have been losing a bit and haven't grown exponentially. Those salty folks are seeing people get rich off crypto, and they are jealous.


I can't deny that the yields cryptos are seeing dwarf what is happening in conventional markets. You'd think that would make it easier to appeal to people looking for good trades, but to my dismay it seems to be the opposite with PM holders.

Thank y .Interesting crypto Gold.!!!!!!😄

Seems like a cool idea with pro's and con's. Whenever I get the itch to spend money, I just go buy some gold or silver. It's nice to hang on to it and watch it gleam.

I love gold as much as the next guy. Personally I think the beauty of gold is that it works offline in a worst case scenario. Bitcoin instead of FIAT and gold and silver for the really darkest scenario.

The coin Digixdao is backed by physical gold tahs stored in singapore

Anthem is an incredible person. Proud to call him a friend.

Viva coin is already doing this on @tradeqwik.

They accept gbg as xau, if you can get 60,000xau, they will send you the 50grams of gold.
That number is old,...but gold is already on their blockchain.

OMG! If they ever do reach the blockchain, I would so invest! Because no matter what happens to the internet, you can still physically hold gold, meaning it'll still be of value.

You can check out @ENAZWAHSDARB for the best Entrepreneurial content! If you appreciate what you see, you can leave a follow! :)

I love metal!

That's thw concept of #antshares

I think bitcoiners should start to buy gold that how we make sure that bitcoin is backed up by Gold


I have used profits to buy PM's. Every penny we take out of fiat and put into crypto or precious metals is another drop of blood removed from the beast. May we kill it by a thousand cuts!

No one knows about bitgold?

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@dollarvigilante I'll listen in later today, thanks for sharing!

Trade gold bullion for cryptocurrency or convert crypto currency for gold bullion?
Hmmm... I'm not a speculator - so you can guess my preference.


KEEP BUYING PHYSICAL GOLD AND SILVER and as Bix Weir says "physical" bitcoin. THESE ARE THE BEGINNING DAYS OF THE REST OF OUR LIVES. Either adapt to it or get left behind.

followed and upvoted

Hopefully the blockchain helps to wake gold and silver from their manipulated slumber.....keep stacking!!

How about Bishares smartcoins such as BitGold/Silver. Tracks the price of silver without any counterparty risk. What more do you need?

They already are, think Bitcoin and Lite-coin.

according to me,i think cryptocurrencies especially bitcoin is goin to make precious metal to become devalued in the near future.what do you think

DGD on eth network! Backed by gold!

block chain have worth

I wonder if a Blood Diamond Token would get traction....

You can check this ICO which is based on including gold in tranzactions: