Always holding a little gold myself. But currently I am thinking that inflation must come as the cost of everything is already rising and demands for higher wages are being heard everywhere. That said gold should have a good run IMO.

Hope all is well with you my friend. Been crazy busy at the store and not really around much. Been trying to run PIFC a little on Hive and actually used up my SBI balance over there. WAY more interaction there then here...kind of sad that it's that way.

I agree. To think that the community on here was thriving and now it feels hollow.

Im trying to use up my sbi here. I have over 1k in upvotes sitting there however at $2.8 a post it will take a while.

Im glad the store has picked up things have been crazy but thankfully we haven't lost anyone too close.

If you have any eth i would recoment converting it to hex then staking it. Ive made 50k so far and the developers are forking eth with all token because of the fees

Only have a very small amount of eth.

We haven't lost anyone to covid, but because of covid we lost a couple. Friends Daughter committed suicide when our State wouldn't allow medical visits to psychologists due to lockdowns. Then due to lockdown procedures my Grandfather passed away after catching pneumonia. He had surgery on his hip and doing great at the hospital for 3 days, then the "rehab" facility wouldn't let him leave his room for 14 days due to coming from a hospital. The inactivity killed him without question.

You also should have a huge balance on hive. You posting there too?

Yes i have started to.

Its a tragedy how many people have committed suicide during lockdown.
The inactivity due to covide is a huge problem.
My nans arthritis has become a major problem due to being locked indoors.

Sometimes i think that the prevention has been worse then the pandemic.

Prevention was far worse I think. But then I know a couple people that say they lost 7-10 people from covid...which seems really odd considering I know of zero. Maybe some family's genetics made them more likely to be effected by this and Darwin is weeding out the weak. Either way mental issue, abuse, alcoholism, drug use, and so many other negatives from the lockdowns that I can't see how it was better then letting this run it's course like we do every other flu.

It made sense to put some safety measures in place. Hand wash, masks, avoiding visiting the vulnerable.

It doesn't help that governments around the world decided they like the extra power they granted themselfs. Then decided to print more money than sense.

Absolute power corrupts all. This was a prime example of it. Honestly shocked we didn't see more violent protests against the governments of the world.

Naturally sick people should stay home, wash your hands (always), and within reason restrict visiting of those that are high risk. Personally never wear a mask, know to many people that are in the field that say the cloth masks are total bs and do nothing. Plus they trigger my asthma and can't wear them. People give me looks, but for the most part don't say anything. If they do I tell them to F off in a way that matches the amount of attitude they gave me in the first place.

Most people dont wear the masks properly anyway. Luckily in the uk you only have to wear them in shops. Plus we have a road map out of all the restrictions.

The issue is those that just want to keep all the emergency powers

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