Huge opportunity on Gold and Silver. Both with a W pattern

in gold •  last year

I am really excited, I am sawing an amazing opportunity of for Gold and Silver, I open new position today I am going to tell you all about it, I really thing we can make some profit, but remember this is not and advise, is just my moves and my though, and I am riding the bull


Beautiful chart, I really mean it. (but wait for the silver one, that one is my love). There is a long run and a minor trend, both of them showing and upward movement, and Gold is moving on a channel since March with two summits, 17th of April and 6 of June, right now. The graph is making a perfect W, with a low RSI, and if you look closer the RSI is making a W too. My move: I enter at 1,223 Stop loss: 1,210 Target price: 1,280 expected profit: 5.7%



I love this chart, really, I think I will go up. Silver is at its low price for more than a year, and it is respecting it support, for that long touching it in three times on the past, now it touched for the four time, a nice W pattern RSI below 40%, really nice. My move: I enter at 16.05 Stop loss: 15.5 Target price: 18 expected profit: 13%



Right now, we are living in a strange era, the Dow and S&P are at all-time high, so I am out if the stock market only to short it. The elite wants war, as the Metallica song, Sad but true. These assets have been a safe haven proven by history, more than Cryptos, is something goes wrong, all the easy hands of the stock market are going to Gold and Silver no Cryptos, maybe a few will start to look more at them. If you want to be more conservative on the entry point wait a few more days, to see if the tha chart is handeling the way I see it.

If you have some thoughts or doubts, please ask me some questions on the comments below. And as always HAPPY TRADING!


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I couldn't agree less about the gold. Sure it will bounce a little after the critical fall, but it's a bearish market at the moment. And it will go way down!


Thanks for your comment, I think that the bearish trend is going to change, not a Bullish, but they are going to start to move on a lateral pattern. But for today we can do a beautiful Swing trade for those assets, what do you think?

yo estoy iniciando en el criptotrading ;)

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