Don't do it!!!! Stooopppp!!!!! You are up-voted! And I will follow you!

thanks, but i don't think the blockchain will keep running for much longer. The amount of anger against stinc and their moneygrubbing antisocial policies is reaching a very high level and the platform is deeply vulnerable to a data flood.

Plenty of us are keen for Calibrae.
What happened?

I am guessing its because of how people are flagging @elfspice ?
i just got hre and i am scared to even comment about this stuff, scared to ask! i fear being drawn into this fight, i wont be though, if anything ill try to be a diplomat Hey @lok1 if u wanna help a great poroject with that steem u an fund my Steemit Africa team @tj4real @mcsaam @ortigas100 @ogoowinner @xpency and help us all fund our dream of providing every afrian child witha Smartphone USB solar charger, and month of prepaid Wifi or mobikle data plan (its expensove in africa,) oand to set up free wifi free internet cafes al around africa, and setup shcools with KioKits, boxes of tablets with a battery powered Wifi backup gnerator, called BRCK designed in kenya made n USa, its agreat project we have thats already working and many whales support us and we are going to buy adevrtsiing billbaords for steemit in Ghana and Nigria, if u could help us buy a bilbaord or radio or youtube Ad, it wiould be so awesome and we iwll make posts showing progress and i swear, i can get milliosnof new users to steemit grateful users from the developing world who will be HAPy to hlp steemit after steemit helps them!

i am able to look past all this drama becauei stay out oof it because i try to focus on the 80 million humans who go hungry every night still in 2017, we can help put an end yo that by gettingthem all smartphones solar battery usb chargers and internt connction so they can get on steemit and ,make enough money to pay or food! all soemoen ahs to do is post that they are literaly hungry and starving and ned teem or SBD for food, and peopel WILl help them! its going to work!
just think about all the good people in tehw orl who NED help and who will be SO gratefulf or LIE

ignore the greedy selfish popl, even they will coem aroudn and understand the error of their ways, we have to just not let the potential liveley hood of a billion humans in poverty get derailed by some internal drama dispute between firts world people arguing over.......math? haha what are we all hating each other for? I honestly see a tendency in steemit and all social networks for people to just take sides, to pick favorites and attack enemies of friends, to just go with teh flow, to add fuel to the fire, and i see people WANTINg to be mad at someone, like some people WANT to have an enemy! they WANt to have a nemesis.....

but its a serious problem were dealing with here if youw ant to treat it like one...honestly dont want to sound like i am brushgingf it aside but or our own mentalhealth we must move on and focus on our work, and not let even flagging bother us

In fact if someone flags you to the point of u loosing money u can always make a new account, and start over, never revealing your connection toa pevious account. Noone will have a ay to find out and youll gve new followers (probobly many of the same people lol) thats teh secret to starting over on steemit to avoid flag wars! also gather emails of ur loyal followers, email them,, and tell them to follow ur new acount and unfolow ur old one or something along those lines :)

I feel bad for ur situationa nd hope u guys can continue ur work on the blockchain, just focus on ur work , dismiss anyone who gts u angry, just b productive! u wil fel better after being productive, and have a way to igore peopel who make u mad, ignoe them, mute them, just dont get too angry at any one thing online because its rarely ever worth it!!!

Don't be a dick. Give to a minnow.

I'm gonna keep drawing it down to fund calibrae, until the blockchain blows up with all these botfarmers growing it at an absurd rate.

I wonder if benjojo sees it what he thinks.
At least send it back to him before you delete your keys.

sell it for cash and use it to fund Calibrae :)

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Why are you so mad?

because steemit doesn't care who gets hurt by the swarms of botfarming trolls and spammers on this platform, they don't even give a proper mute function. The devs who they employ, also develop rocketchat and I had someone try to drag me into a scene in #general this morning over my decision to support noganoo, because he's being perfectly fine to me, and i agree with why he is so angry.

Nog is an ass who spouts Christian stuff while wishing harm on people's kids. He also has about a million bots.

You assume I haven't heard his side of the story about the bots.

I have not heard this wishing harm on people's kids thing though, could you explain this one to me?

If you knew what the man of the house was up to in this situation you might understand why nog got so angry. It's definitely unnecessary inflammatory shit, i agree. I think you'll find that he had reasons for being angry, and angry people don't say things that are very nice, or consistent with their usual character.

Suffice it to say that I am admonishing him to keep it civil, and move his activities towards more worthy targets.

You know very well what a corrupt bunch is in the upper echelons here. Ausbitbank should not be so quick to tar me with the brush of noganoo's drunken anger, especially when I have had a lot of reasons to be pissed off with what goes on in this place.

When it comes to nog I'm going to agree to disagree with you. I don't comment too much as I don't want to be dragged into shit, but I've read enough of nogs posts to know he is bad news. (In my opinion.) You, on the other hand get angry, and unreasonable at times, but I have yet to see you take it too far. I like you and want you to take care. Not really with your opinions on Steemit, but generally for yourself.

My sole interest has to do with gathering enough useful information to make design decisions that will not lead to the catastrophe-in-the-making that is this blockchain. The number of people who are going to be shattered when it finally comes down from its weaknesses is going to be no indictment on me, since I have been warning about it since November last year.

If noganoo is continuing to engage in malicious commentary as of anytime from now, he will be ejected. However, I have to temper that with the fact that a lot of the targets he has attacked have been worthy. I do not know the full details, and I don't think that ausbitbank is telling the whole story either. The lack of adequate transparency, and his use of adhominem attacks since I started to talk to nooganoo belies deeper issues that I think are still to be revealed. I could be wrong, of course, but these things tend not to come out of nowhere.

And let me just repeat something. I have no intention to attack the platform. If I tell someone their fly is undone, I mean it to save them any further embarrassment. I am just warning people, that I see a clear opportunity for an attacker, that should have been seen a lot sooner, and it will be on Stinc that they have tried to astroturf my concerns.

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