GODZILLA 1984 Character Art for a Custom Tee

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"Godzilla is a warning. A warning to every one of us. When mankind falls into conflict with nature, monsters are born..."

~ Dr. Hayashida

I'm very glad to share a photo of the birthday boy, Alex who I'm told was so happy to receive this present that he wore it right away. It's really music to my ears and seeing this photo makes everything I do worth it ten fold!

Birthday boy Alex at the zoo showing off his new custom Godzilla 1984 tee.


I decided not to add the attack helicopters as seen in the wip mockup below because it was starting too look a little too busy, but now, I'm thinking it might not be after all... sorry Alex.


See what I mean about the helicopters? Do you agree? Anyhow, the client of this custom tee design gave me permission to resell it so, the helicopters are going back in!


I had so much fun drawing Godzilla that hopefully in the near future I'll be adding other kaiju monsters to give him company.

Thanks again for dropping.
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