100% core decks at Mythic rank

in #godsunchained5 months ago (edited)

Yes. I did it. Reach the mythic rank with 100% core deck. It's possible.

Now I am 28 mythic rank and already use this deck.

100% war deck.jpg

On the other hand, I am not only one at Mythic rank with 100% core deck.

There is a user named Sand who is now at 29 rank and use this deck.

100% light deck.jpg

And I must say, that his deck is much easier to find cards. Because my deck is full of core legendaries. So thumbs up for him.

But, overall. The main point is. With enough enthusiasm, patience and training your skill, you can reach Mythic rank completely without genesis cards. And this the proof!!!

So if you are new and don't have genesis cards. Don't despair.

You can reach the top ranks with only core cards decks!!!
And thank to this at ranked weekend event take TIER 6/7 prizes.

100% core ranks.jpg


Good job, and also great to see that you dont have to use legendaries in your deck. Did you check if the other guy only plays this deck, or does he switch occassionally?

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Yeah, I have checked it. He does some changes through the time, but still are his decks 100% core only and without legendary cards. Time by time some epics. I must try his decks.

How did you even get so many legendaries? Whats your ingame level? I'm at 56 and got like one legendary

i am already 130 lvl and because tier 5 reward 3 weeks ago and tier 6 reward 2 weeks ago

I think that 5 legends i found in packs and 4 i have from rewards
approximately each 25th deck contains legendary card

Also is important he using heavens light as good power. And i very like that he use some underrated cards like bronze servant, onyx nightblade, which are so good cards, but you dont see them many times

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