Latest Trial of the Gods card reveals - Olympians Rejoice!

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Earlier this evening, the GU team streamed a video with Mark (Petrify), Designer, and Derek, Producer revealing more information and several cards for the upcoming Gods Unchained expansion, Trial of the Gods!

The biggest reveal was the fellow pictured above,so let's get right to it!

NOTE: Though these cards show as Neutral, all (except the last) will actually be Light cards. It should also be noted that none of these cards are final.

Lysander, Champion of Light

Lysander, broken and put back together with gold to fill the cracks, returns to do battle, surviving all but the most deadly wounds and providing a useful buff for others as well (this would be a nasty combo with the Golden Harpe!)

You can also see a very nice Lysander animation on the stream video.


Lysander's Trial story to be released later today on the official Blog -

Athenian Guardian

Olympians take the forefront of this set of card reveals. The Athenian Guardian is a 2/3 for 2 mana who could potentially buff higher. It's also an interesting counter for the every-annoying Devoted Follower (and also the Heaven's light ability)!


Vengeful Lokhagos

The Vengeful Lokhagos brings a nice buff to the Chosen One decks. Ward is critical, so it's great to see the team recognize the need and make moves to address it.


City Therapon

Interesting mechanic that ties directly into several Olympian cards that benefit from having other Olympians in the void. I expect this one to see a lot of play!


Trial of the Innocents

And finally a War spell -- something rather interesting actually.


Other Info from the Stream

  • Each Champion will have a Trial and a Triumph (Petrify says 'maybe').
  • Petrify mentioned the way to deal with Creatures buffed by the Trial of the Innocents would be to transform them, but Light's transform spell, Light's Levy, most likely won't work here. 'What will Lysander do?' Interesting comment! I suspect we will have some cool, new spells coming our way with the Trial of the Gods!
  • Excited about new lore. Allows team to design cards around story
  • Fusing coming 'fairly soon' -- in testing
  • 1v1 will be released after Season One
  • More synergies in Season One. More archetypes. New win conditions!
  • Other playmodes in the works
  • Trinkets and Boards being put on-chain soon
  • Season One won't be 'evergreen' -- rotation dates undecided

And finally, a silhouette was shown for the next Champion that will be revealed! Any guesses as to which God this one will Champion?


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