Gods Unchained Weekly Recap (Jan 17th - Jan 23rd)

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Welcome to the the twentieth edition of the Gods Unchained Weekly Recap! The biggest news this week is...

Season 1 Hype

The Season 1 Hype Train has left the station! Officially called, Trial of the Gods -- not only was a Season 1 card revealed during this week's stream (see image below), but they have also released new lore and silhouettes for the Champions (seen above). We have yet to learn any real news about what Champions are and how they work in the game, but we do have a little info about the new card.


Above is the season one card that was teased during the official stream. Petrify said that all the stats may change. But of course, the main question is, "What is Favor?!" Petrify says that Favor is a "new resource that can be used in many, many ways", "it is very, very important", "it is not mana. It does not act as mana", "I believe Favor increases the skill of the game", and "it also makes the games more interesting and more exciting". So take from those quotes what you will. I'm not going to speculate myself, but I am excited to see what this will bring to the game. Remember, we are in Beta, so what we are playing now is not the finished product.

Petrify pointed out that the card did not yet have a set icon and also mentioned that it did not have a tribe, implying that it may in the future.

Promises were made for more info about Favor over the coming weeks as well as many more card reveals!

Official Stream

The official stream was packed with some goodness this week (though I have to call out Petrify for promising to play Flourish and never following up!) You can read a great writeup summary of the stream from z3ll - https://steemit.com/teamocd/@z3ll/gods-unchained-season-1-card-revealed-new-trinket-and-new-game-mechanic

You can also see the video here.

Balance Changes

Only one balance change this week, and that was the expected nerf to Enrage. It now only grants a +2/+1 buff rather than +2/+2. You can read the patch notes here.


Token Trove has expanded their capabilities, adding Batched Order Buying and expanding their max bundle size to 35 cards and GU Cards has made some interface improvements.

Part of the dev update mentioned that the team was looking into ways to expand and improve the in-game marketplace.

Official blog post about the GU market.

Dev Update

The third official GU Dev Update was posted earlier this week. Good stuff! I love the transparency. Go read if you have any interest in finding out what the teams at Immutable are working on.


Last weekend's tournament results - http://bit.ly/WK_26

Enrage was definitely present in last week's meta. It enabled me to make a push into the top ranks of Mythic for the first time in a long while and there were quite a few others playing Enrage decks as well. With this week's nerf, I expect to see it drop off a bit. It will definitely have a negative effect on the aggro/zoo oriented decks, unfortunately, so Control decks will still be widely used.

Petrify implied that there would likely not be any more Core balancing until Season One was out. I have to say that I'm a little disappointed to hear that, but I understand the reasoning, especially if Season One is going to bring one or more major mechanic changes. I hope that we will still see some God Power tweaks in the interim, because the meta feels especially stale again.


Gods Unchained is an online, collectible card game with true ownership of your cards. The card information is stored on the Ethereum blockchain, so the cards can be traded, bought and sold in any NFT market, while the game itself runs off-chain, so there are no transaction fees involved when playing. The game is free to play, and you can get started now.

Article written by CryptozNewb.


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