Gods Unchained Weekly Recap (Feb 7th - Feb 13th)

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Welcome to the the twenty-third edition of the Gods Unchained Weekly Recap!

Though Pallas, the new Magic Champion gets the headline image, this week brought us other big news that we had all been waiting for...

Favor and Sanctum

Finally we have some concrete info about Favor and how it will work! In short, Sanctum is Gods Unchained's version of a sideboard, and Favor is the currency used to access the Sanctum.

There will be three random cards in the Sanctum, taken from crafted card sets. These cards can be added to your hand (just for the current game) by spending Favor. Both players have access to the same cards, so there may be some gameplay around denying your opponent access to certain cards rather than grabbing cards that you can use yourself. You can expect that the system will be tweaked quite a bit once it hits open testing.

Favor is acquired via normal gameplay, though there will also be cards than interact with Favor.


It's especially interesting to note that the cards can come from any God. This system will shake up the Meta for quite a while as players adjust and figure out ways to best utilize the Sanctum. Looking forward to it!

Third Champion Reveal

In this week's official Twitch stream, Andrea and Derek returned to reveal our third Champion, Pallas, the Champion of Magic!


pallas_card.jpgQuite an unusual card. And at three mana, this is a Legendary that could see play often. Void interaction is heavily featured in this week's reveals.

You can read Pallas' backstory over at the official blog - https://blog.godsunchained.com/2020/02/13/chapter-4-pallas-origin-all-is-magic/

Official Stream

Most of this week's official stream focused on the Magic Champion reveal and the introduction of the Sanctum and Favor system. But we were also shown several new cards. Most were Magic, with several seeming to be a boost towards more Aggro based Magic decks. There was also a crazy powerful Death card that pulled several(!) Creatures from the Void, and an equally powerful Magic card that Obliterates both Voids!

We also got a sneak peek at a new iteration on the mana wheel and the first iteration of the Bag of Tricks, which is no longer a card in hand, but instead is accessed via a simple UI interface near the mana wheel. I wonder if they will rename it to something other than Bag of Tricks now?

You can read summaries of the stream at the links below and/or watch it yourself -

Balance Changes

No balance changes this week.


Marketplace prices continue to suffer in terms of ETH value due to the recent gain in value for Ethereum. Volume continues to slow as well. Core card fusing will refresh it a bit, but we still need a much larger playerbase to really get going.

You can read the official GU Marketplace report on their blog - https://blog.godsunchained.com/2020/02/12/official-marketplace-top-20-cards-analysis-insights-wk-9-10/

Dev Update

Latest dev update has been posted. Worth reading to keep up with whats going on over at GU. There have been a couple of small patches recently to try and deal with the various game-stopping issues.

They have also posted a blog about their new bot detection system. Good stuff! Glad to see them taking a proactive stance towards dealing with the bot issue.


With no new cards and no balance changes, the meta continues to slowly shift back and forth. Control is still strong, but which Control type is dominant shifts back and forth. Nature had a surprising showing this past weekend. More Aggro decks are beginning to climb back out from under the rocks as folks get tired of playing the long, drawn-out, Control vs Control matches.

Bittrio continues to release his weekly Meta report. You can read it here - https://steemit.com/godsunchained/@bittrio/gods-unchained-meta-report-feb-10-ranked-constructed

That about sums it up for this week. Thanks for reading!

Gods Unchained is an online, collectible card game with true ownership of your cards. The card information is stored on the Ethereum blockchain, so the cards can be traded, bought and sold in any NFT market, while the game itself runs off-chain, so there are no transaction fees involved when playing. The game is free to play, and you can get started now.

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