Gods Unchained Gameplay video - Death Control

in #godsunchained4 years ago

Hello all. This is a gameplay video of my Death Control deck. I played it the weekend before last and did very well.

Here is the general decklist.

This deck is Afterlife focused. It tries to setup combos with Pallbearer, Golem Centurion, Canopic Hoarder, etc. It does have the potential to get one of those crazy turn 4 pulls from the Void, but it doesn't rely on that tactic.

Like most Control decks, this deck has a lot of removal -- Blight Bomb, Dust to Dust, Reap, Apocalypse Now. Even with all of the removal, this is still a very greedy deck. If the meta were to make a shift towards Aggro and/or Zoo, then this would need some revising. With it being so heavy in high mana cards, you may often find yourself with nothing to do for the first few turns. Try not to panic. Just remove what you can, use Blood Ritual whenever possible and know that once you hit 5/6 mana, you will be making strong plays every turn and will hopefully be able to smash your opponent into submission.

Below is the video of the full stream.

I also pulled out a highlight of a match against a Magic player. I thought that I was in control of the game when I Raised Dead on his Avatar of Magic, until I was hit with several Leyhoard Hatchlings at once! You can see that one here.

The meta has shifted a bit since I made this stream, and Light Control, one of the tougher matchups for this deck is even more popular. I often found myself running out of cards in matches against Light Control decks! Jason would help with that issue. And perhaps the addition of some nasty 9 mana threats.


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