Gods Unchained Champion Reveal #3 plus first look at the Favor system

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Earlier this evening the Gods Unchained team hosted another stream reveal.

And while we were treated to a preview of the third Champion from the Season One set, that news was overshadowed by our first look at ...

Favor and Sanctum

The Favor and Sanctum system has finally been revealed! Basically, the Sanctum is a type of Sideboard, where players can use Favor (which accumulates throughout normal gameplay and can also be acquired from certain cards as well), to pull extra cards into their hands. These cards are generated from pre-existing lists, can come from any God, and are shared between players!

This will certainly lead to some major changes in the way the game is played!

At the moment, the Sanctum will only have Core cards, but that could change.

Pallas, Champion of Magic

Now that we've talked about favor, we can get back to our Champion reveal. This week, we were introduced to Pallas!


Quite an interesting card. This is a pretty heavy counter to Death decks that like to interact with the Void.

The Official Lore for Pallas is not out yet, but they said it would be up within 24 hours.

More Season One Cards

As usual, this stream also brings us several reveals of some cards from Season One. First up, we have a trio of low cost Magic spells, all of which look very strong.


Next up we have Pallas' wand, which fits well with the low mana cards above. Aggro Magic may have some serious viability soon!


Finally we have the Trial of the Underworld, a very insane Death card, followed up by Pallas' Incantation, which is a direct counter to it. There is a ton of Void interaction in today's reveal!


Other info

  • New timer system coming that should discourage 'roping
  • There are cards that can steal Favor
  • Stream also revealed some UI changes for 2.1
    • new Mana wheel
    • Bag of Tricks is no longer a card, instead it is accessed via UI widgets near the mana wheel
  • 'Form' cards can be affected by other cards

Good stuff! You can watch the full stream below:

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