Cryptoznewb's Custom Card Set for Gods Unchained: Volume 8

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Welcome to another edition of my Custom Card Sets for Gods Unchained!

For this post, we are focusing on a very under utilized mechanic, Mana Locking. The current options for locking Mana are underwhelming to say the least. So with this set, I attempt to provide some additional cards for Mana Locking that are hopefully more 'sexy' that the current ones.

The artwork for today's cards comes from Pumpkin. You can view more of their great artwork at

Card images were generated at


The Corpulent Fiend is a simple War card. It provides a decent-sized body with Leech at 4 mana and also a Mana Lock to help reign back the Control decks. The Eternal Champion provides some opportunities for Deception Shenanigans.
Warden of the Lamps is a solid backing for a Light Zoo deck. Until the opposing Player removes it from the board, it will keep the Control decks suppressed. Thought about making it Backline but I think that would be too much. I thought that a card which could continually add Mana locks would be an interesting addition to this set. But of course, something that powerful needs to be a Legendary card.
A majority of Magic decks are more interested in ramping up Mana rather than Locking it, so I wanted to try and push things in a different direction, providing a tool for Magic players to lock Mana back up. The Beast of Blight is a simple neutral Creature. It's low health means that it likely won't ever stick around for long, but the Afterlife effect is really why you would want to play this. Could potentially be too powerful with Death decks that interact with the Void.

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