I WON.... something... (aka: Gods Unchained: First Impressions)

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Some Royal Card backs (the lowest tier of prizes... not counting zero!) ... some cosmetic enhancers to my deck of cards in Gods Unchained. Well, I guess I'm happy that I won anythng given that I had so few Genesis tokens for the raffle! On the other hand, I really didn't see too much point in going too hard in on the Raffle as the prizes were pretty much cosmetic changes to the board or cards (With the exception of the grand prize Titan). So, something is better than nothing!

Anyway, how am I finding Gods Unchained?.... well, it's a nice and pretty looking game... which for some reason does a heavy number on my laptop (XPS 15... running the integrated graphics and not the Nvidia card... ). I really think that they need to have an option to tone down the graphical settings on the game client... there is no reason that a card battler has to look that pretty and deal a hefty hit to the battery life of a laptop!... Especially when I'm rocking the XPS15 variant that has just under the legal flight limit for a single battery. (The XPS15 has a 97 WHr battery, the legal flight limit is 100 WHr).

Although I'm a huge gamer and complete nerd, I'm not a really big player of card battlers like Hearthstone and Magic the Gathering... I've tried them, but mostly just bounced off them... so, I was a bit at sea when I first started Gods Unchained... The first batch of games were a steep learning cruve of how these games worked... but I learn fast...

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I've been playing with only Aeona as my Goddess. I don't really have the chops at the moment to try out the other gods... I don't get to play that often... as a parent, finding 10-15 uninterrupted minutes to play an online game is pretty tough! It's pretty much the same reason that I stopped with Counterstrike, Team Fortress 2 and League of Legends... well, that and I got sick of the mousewheel feelingof doing the endless same thing over and over again.

However, for the moment... Gods Unchained does have a bit of a novelty factor... well, at least for a week or so since I first started playing. That said, I'm finding that I would rather play a proper single player game (like Hitman... at the moment... and Pillars of Eternity...) rather than setting myself up for another online battler. That's not really a fault of Gods Unchained or anything... just that I'm just not really addictively hooked to this sort of gaming. For me, the shorter play lengths and friendly mobile interface of Splinterlands does a better job for me when I'm just travelling on the train.

So, I've gotten a vague strategy down... but I've not really refined my main deck of cards or anything at the moment.. I made some tweaks here and there when I figured out that some cards that I was fielding were pretty much useless most of the time for the situations that I would find myself in (and in combination with the other cards that I would be fielding...). I think to get to the next level of mastery, I will need to sit down and really figure out some good synergy between the cards. I really see it in opponent decks when someone really has their stuff together, the fluid ease with which they stomp all over me is quite interesting to watch!

So, I'll be plugging away slowly at this game... the balance seems decent enough at the moment... and after reading a few of their blog posts and listening to an interview with the team leader on Unconfirmed, they really seem to have the economic side thought about (something that has really tripped up many of the crypto based games... with developers seriously misunderstanding how economies work...). So, this is a game with potential... something that I've not really seen in any other crypto based game except for Splinterlands... however, as it stands, this game isn't really for me... I'm just not the right sort of gamer for this!

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Hey, great post! Aeona is pretty good for starting and can carry you to the shadow ranks. If you got a question on deck building check out my newest blog post! I'm playing Aeona as well ;) Of course you can ask any questions you like there :)

Thanks... I will check out the builds and stuff. I figure that sticking with one God is a good way to learn the ins and out of that particular faction.

Congrats on the win 💖👍👍💖

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Thanks! It's always a nice feeling to win something... even if it is only small!

One day I'll get into a Steem game a lot. I haven't tried any since nextcolony. The card games seem like fun. Is it better than splinterlands or two early to make the call?

This one is an Ethereum based game... I find it requires more time for a game than Splinterlands... so they really are different beasts. This one is much more like Magic the Gathering or Hearthstone.

same experience here dude! My computer goes bezerk on the graphics and sometimes games eem to take forever..buttt....the games are fun!

(ps...use the tag #teamocd for these GU posts...they are fan!)

Yeah... the games do take a little bit longer... but at least they are shorter than your regular 5v5 MOBA game.... but I'm not sure why they have to hit up the graphics quite so hard!

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