Gods Unchained - 10 Days Until Presale Ends

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Current status

We are slowly closing in to the end of the Genesis Presale. Only days remain left of it, and after that, you can only get those cards by buying them from other players. 380 different cards were created and those are hard capped at 15m $, which means that either you will be able to buy them for the remaining 10 days or it will reach it's hard cap. Currently 81 % of the hard cap has been reached. This is the last chance to buy those unique Genesis cards.


Will it be a great investment?

Nobody really knows, but you might be able to tell me. Currently only a few thousand are playing the game. A few thousand is not much in the gaming industry, and yet a unique card was sold for a lot of money. A Mythic card and one of a kind, sold for an astonishing 62.000 thousand dollars. So, a card was sold for more than 60k dollars, and the user base it still almost non existing compared to what it can reach. Buying those unique cards are like investning in any other crypto. It might go well or it might go to hell, we never know. If you want to go for it, and buy some packs of cards and hopefully get some valuable cards, feel free. I have already done so.


Want to win the last mythic card?

We never know if the other mythic cards will be sold for just as much as the 62 thousand dollar one, but we can only hope. YThough, you won't be able to get the last mythic card from a pack, but from a draw. To enter that draw, you need raffles. Either you can win raffles by entering the tournament held by @ocd, or you buy them on the marketplace. You can read how to enter that tournament by going to my latest blog posts, @acidyo or @ocd. The draw will take place on 24th Oct, so you have to hurry up.

Want to get involved?

If you liked playing Hearthstone or Magic: The Gathering, there's a great chance you will also find this entertaining. You get ahead of the game by joining now, practicing and even take part in the World Championship which currently has a prize pool of over 500 thousand dollars. The tournament will take part either in Q4 or Q1 2020, but to take part you would need cards. Feel free to use my referral link, you don't lose a damn thing ;) Feel free to use my referral link, you don't lose a damn thing ;)