New Gods Unchained update is the bomb!

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Woke up today and first thing I see is @steeminator3000 shaming me into not knowing about the new GU update yet so once he half assedly explained to me what it was about I went ahead to read the full update and holy f*ck!

When you were purchasing genesis cards in the past, the whole "opening packs" animation was just that, an animation. There were no "packs" as the chain calculated what cards came into existence at the same time as your purchase went through depending on the "packs" you bought (rare, epic, legendary or shiny legendary pack). Since it was using the ETH blockchain people could go through blockexplorers such as to check by how much your collection increased or which cards you got before you had even finished opening the "packs", I'm sure there are other sites that did the same thing if not better.

Now they are adding something completely new though and calling it "tradable chests".

Every card you purchased in the past had to be activated through the eth blockchain to be tradable once the presale is over and markets are live (by the end of the month - although beta may not end at the same time). Now they are migrating the cards into a new contract so it won't cost gas to activate your cards - they approximated around 1 trillion gas needed to activate all cards (3 weeks of 100% eth network usage).

Along with this new contract they are also able to sell chests that don't give out what the cards inside are. This will now make it possible for chests to be kept closed and genesis cards inside of them to be able to be sold at any point in the future - a hoarders dream comes true.

Tradable chests will cost a bit extra but the extra cost will still not go over the hardcap of 33k eth for genesis sales, in fact the extra cost will make the cards even more scarce. You will be able to either buy chests with legendary packs or rare packs (not epic or shiny legendary ones) and they can't be unbundled into each pack, it's either open or closed with 6 packs at a time. Now here's the best part for those of you who have been buying genesis packs in the past and at the same time supported gods unchained and immutable with your eth.

Previous purchasers will be rewarded with tradable chests!!!

As thanks for supporting and believing in us during Genesis, we thought it was a good idea (suggested by Chrome, one of our community mods) to reward players by giving back 10% of their purchases as Chests. Given the price of chests, you will need to have purchased at least 0.8ETH in packs (prior to block 8666666, when we first talked about this with community members) to qualify.

These gifted Chests will contribute towards the Genesis Season hard cap and the cap on legendary chests and will be automatically sent to players over the next 24 hours.

Me right meow. ^

Anyway, super excited about this update and now I will have to face the most difficult decision of my life to try and not open the chests but keep them closed so they appreciate in value. If you go to you can check if you have received yours yet (they are sending them out over the next 24h) but it should also be noted that purchases after eth block 8666666 won't count towards the free chests (about 13 days ago).

Anyone else as excited about GU as I am?

Come join us over in the OCD Discord server where we have a growing Steem GU community!

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I’ve not been this excited for a blockchain game in quite a while. It’s nice to see it starting to pick up a player base as well.

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Honestly Immutable team is rocking it with the marketing and updates, but they really need a mobile version of the game. There are so many mobile players nowadays - really a big market.

I'm sure it will come soon, everyone knows that's how HS got most of their userbase (myself included to play it).

Never heard of this game before! Looks very promising! I dig it. Feels like hearthstone a little bit but with a blockchain and open trade! Awesome!

I checked out the prices of those chests. Damn! haha

I think I missed the cut off :D

Should've listened to me earlier ;p xD

Yeah yeah...

And the Nerds rejoice! I wish I would have gotten in before block 8666666. Oh well, just gotta keep grinding out the levels for the raffles tickets at this point. I want a cool hydra.

How many packs did you buy? And what's your stake in raffle at the moment? :) I went pretty deep into buying packs, and curious of how deep in other steemians are.

I think I’ve only bought like 20 packs so far. So not too many. I am hoping to get a lot more soon.

That's awesome! What's your rarest card?


I got lucky getting this one.

Awesome man!


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Really so nice.... 😍

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Oh my, I just started playing and only bought packs yesterday :(

@tipu curate

Oh well, good news is you can buy chests now too which many who have not yet heard about GU will miss out on. :)