Gods Unchained Genesis Pre-sale about to end!

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The long awaited day is coming, tomorrow trading of genesis cards will go live. A good post to read about values and how the game and meta might effect the prices of cards I'd recommend reading on of @snuff's posts called Pre-Market Analysis for GU. It's going to be exciting!

Other than buying packs/cards that you either play with or hodl as they will be scarce and never printed anymore, you can also purchase chests that can't be checked what cards are inside. They are about 10% more expensive but may appreciate in value over time especially since there is one diamond legendary card still unopened called Avatar of War. Looking at its predecessor Magic the Gathering these packs/chests could go for a lot in the future if the game becomes as popular or more (same thing can be said about Splinterlands Alpha packs that sell for a lot more today after only a short while since they were sold and the community here on Steem isn't even that big yet):

There are only ~600 Legendary Chests still available but they won't even all be bought out as there's only 300 ETH left for hard cap with only around 10 hours left to go, you might have to install metamask and move some ETH onto it fast if you still want to get some cards or chests. Since there's not that much ETH left any whale could at any time eat up the rest.

It's been a long pre-sale of over 1 year and so much has happened in the Gods Unchained world, the team has been amazing, the community likewise and investors seem to have noticed it and the pre-sale is about to be sold out and Immutable the company has received some really large investments for development and marketing.

Some of you may have gotten annoyed at my GU posts by now and my fascination and addiction with them - I know my gf is one of them (sorry baby), but I've always seen gaming and blockchain be a match made in heaven and have awaited something as timeless as a mix of Hearthstone and Magic the Gathering to be backed by blockchain's immutability to give collectors and players power behind their assets and let them do what they want with them. The censoring giants who are only out there to take out as much money from their players as possible and have been reigning in this sector for too long better watch out. There's a new player in the server. :)

Anyway, if you're gonna FOMO in like many others probably have, me included on this last day and buy some packs, I'd appreciate it if you used my referral key if I got you to hear about Gods Unchained. Good luck with getting a diamond epic or legendary as those might go for a good amount of ETH in the near future! :)

What are your thoughts on the game, the company? Are you as excited as I am?

Here's a video recording of the stream yesterday showcasing the marketplace that will be opened very soon for genesis cards and in the near future for your core cards that you can win by playing and selling onto the marketplace as well after the core cards reset for the current beta.

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cant remember if i used your referral key to join. if i did, just hand over the avator of war card if you find it and we be square lol

lol dunno :D but no one has pulled it yet unless it's in one of the legendary chests.

I hope it stays hidden

Will definitely increase the prizes of the gold ones and chests if it does! Chances are high as only 250 eth left to go!

I FOMO'd and bought a couple more packs.

Got lucky? :D

It's sold out now!

Really? I grabbed them in the morning, not that many, about 50 packs I think.

I will keep my Leg chests for years to come!

I find the team has done an amazing job with the game and the community. I never had enough money to buy packs, but I still enjoy playing either way and there will be ways to still make money, through events and such. But just having another great blockchain game is the key, so more and more get created on a blockchain and we have a wide variety to choose from.

I am looking forward to the event when Trumpsc, Tidesof time and Grubby will face off. Will give the game a lot more exposure and by getting those streamers involved (was probably not cheap) the teams shows a lot of comittment.

Looking forward when trading goes live

It's been pretty interesting following things this last week and i'm looking forward to seeing what they do with their market and how prices shape up... the beginning of every market seems to include a ton of price discover. Splinterlands went through a lot of price discovery as well where prices back then didn't look very similar to where they are today.

tomorrow trading of genesis cards will go live.


That means Im about to cross 10k SP. Woop woop. Haha

It's gonna take a bit because ethereum is a costly slow system and putting things into the NFT class is gonna take days!! So it's not happening today and likely not tomorrow either.

You and your hodl! Why though? Why risk it?
The core cards are powerful on their own and you dont really need the genesis cards to play.

YOLO, say no no.
Isolate yourself
and just roll solo
Be care-folo
You oughta look out
also stands for YOLO.




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