About Lev Nikolaevich and his work "War and Peace"

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Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy is one of the greatest Russian and world writers. His work, according to Maxim Gorky, is a whole world with his own social, philosophical and artistic questions and with his own solution to these questions. "The historical significance of Tolstoy's work is now understood as a reflection of everything experienced by Russian society throughout the nineteenth century, and his books will remain as a monument to a hard work done by a genius," Gorki writes. Tolstoy as a writer is as great, as complex and controversial. His power is in his deep connection with the life and psychology of the people, in the all-round reflection of Russian reality, but his contradictions are contradictions to Russian life from the second half of the century.

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His work has reflected the most cherished aspirations of Russian peasantry. Above all, his moral attraction, his indomitable spiritual powers, his inexhaustible possibilities to search for the social righteousness and the deep sense of human existence are revealed. The writer believes that if every individual man is spiritually perfected, a society without controversy and struggle, the ideal kingdom of truth and freedom, through a "non-violent evil" will be gained. In fact, the whole history of mankind shows that society has developed only through a fierce, purposeful class struggle. Tolstoy's merit is that he preaches humanity in the name of Russia's fate, and seeks a man's way out of the labyrinths of a terrible, hostile to man reality that he was the one he himself lived in. After the Crimean War in 1856, the new Emperor Alexander II freed the last living decapisers from exile. Their fate was heavily intrigued by Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy, who seeks to make sense of Russian society's development paths in the decades before the war, to reveal the reasons for the majesty and the fall of Russia. Thus, one of the greatest, respectful and bold creations of Russian and world literature, namely the novel "War and Peace", emerged. By creating his work, Tolstoy enters as no one else in the depths of the human and the people's soul finds and recreates unique values ​​that are extremely important to the fate of Russia. In his quests, the author returns half a century back and begins his work from quite different events. Meanwhile, along with the stubborn study of historical events, he is increasingly looking into the plight of the people, increasingly thinking of his fate as the creator of material and spiritual culture as the engine of history.

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In this way, the concept of the limited family novel about the decarbast is based on the concept of the colossal novel, the epic, covering the entirety of Russia's fates during the first two decades of the nineteenth century. Leo Tolstoy has the task of writing an artistic history of the people, so the range of action in the novel "War and Peace" is very wide. This is a true polyphonic work. It has many topics, many problems, many characters and human destinies. They intertwine in a complex, contradictory and whimsical way. This is how the fate and the fate of the huge collective called the Russian society are born. The construction of the work is also complicated. The action takes place on many lines, but everything is subordinated to a basic aesthetic and civic idea. "I am an artist," Tolstoy writes, and all my life goes in search of beauty. One of the main sources of beauty in "War and Peace" is the "folk idea," through which the complex historical events break through and pass the no less sophisticated zigzags in the development of the faces. Everything is conceived in terms of fate, spirit and philosophy of the people even when it is not directly shown.


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War and peace is what a complex work of art. Definetly deserves it's spot at the top.

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I read the story. Very well written. Very well written really. Make a complete match with the picture. thanks for sharing this post

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