in godfather •  29 days ago 

I met this wonderful young lady who brought 4 beautiful boys into my life. These boys have changed my world upside down and all around. I succeed for them, plan a future for them, in a sense my heart has adopted these boys as my own off spring. I went from growing up in Foster Care and never truly wanting children to never imagining my life without these 4, it is their laughs, happiness and joy that replace all the missing memories I have in my childhood. I was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor at a young age and have been progressively fighting it up until now. I am sterile due to the chemotherapy and most likely will end up adopting children of my own if I live long enough of. Have you ever met a person who brought the most wonderful family into your life? or experienced joy of being a parent to another's children? Let me knowGodsons.jpg

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